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So I've decided to take the advice of Tony Isabella and actually put together some projects as POD. Tony suggested it to me in an email not so long ago and it did get me thinking, mainly, can it be done? Well anything can be done, as my dear ole ma used to say (and still does, only she doesn't clip me around the ears that much anymore) but here's the problem - what POD company offers the best deals? I'm expecting that I might end up going with someone like Lulu but bugger me it's not cheap is it? Is there a POD company set up in Australia?

More importantly...I'm an idiot when it comes to layout. I've asked many a person, many a time, is there a template, somewhere, that I can use (either Word, Page Maker - anything really) and adapt to suit what I want? The general thought is that I'm going to test the waters with a pet project that I've had sitting around since about 1997 - no clues as yet, but to say that it's music related and has a somewhat limited appeal. I'm sure I can shift the units, although I doubt I could get a publisher seriously interested. I've decided to pull it out and start working on it alongside other projects. I'm going to spend the next few days scanning and working on two books at once. Once we return from our trip (hopefully one book will be finished before we go) I'll knock the new project off and then see how I can format it. In the meantime if there's anyone out there who's more savvy about these kinds of things then by all means fire me down a message and let's start talking. I wanna get some more stuff out there and see where it all takes me. I also think that POD might be the way for the other half to finally get her stuff out in the open market - it'd sell more copies than any crap I produce. I'll still be working on my various projects though, so it's not like I'd be sitting there only writing for a POD audience.



Jimmy T said…
Hi daniel, Do you want to do the Mooney book. I will help if you do.

After meeting Hermes I can see why people dislike him. He has nothing good to say about anyone.

And he did not even know me. He was nice to me but I would have bent him like a pretzle.

Anyway if I can help buddy let me know.

Chade said…
When I was at Uni, we used to use an old version of quark. You had to play around with the program a bit to work out what you wanted to do, but once you got going it was incredibly easy to put pages together. There's a 30 day trial of the latest program if you want to have a look.
Great article by the way.
And for my two cents:
It's part one of a story, and if anyone is following the writers other Marvel work, you know he can weave an intersting web that would have the fictitious populous of the world believing the death, while you the reader will be intigued by how the writer pulls it together for the return. Ed Brubaker is a self-confessed fan of noir, and as such uses many of their techniques. And, as far as I'm concerned the book has been fantastic these last few years (besides a great arc under the Marvel knights banner, this is the best the book has been in atleast a decade) and as long as they keep the quality high, I'll read it.

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