Oscar Night!

Robert Altman
Michelangelo Antonioni
Ingmar Bergman
Richard Brooks
Clarence Brown
Tim Burton
Jane Campion
John Cassavetes
Charles Chaplin
Cecil B. De Mille
Brian De Palma
Stanley Donen
Blake Edwards
Federico Fellini
John Frankenheimer
D.W. Griffith
Howard Hawks
Alfred Hitchcock
James Ivory
Norman Jewison
Buster Keaton
Stanley Kramer
Stanley Kubrick
Akira Kurosawa
Gregory La Cava
Fritz Lang
Spike Lee
Mervyn LeRoy
Joshua Logan
Ernst Lubitsch
Sidney Lumet
David Lynch
Terrence Malick
Rouben Mamoulian
Michael Mann
Paul Mazursky
F.W. Murnau
Alan J. Pakula
Sam Peckinpah
Arthur Penn
Michael Powell
Otto Preminger
Jean Renoir
Herbert Ross
Robert Rossen
Ridley Scott
George Sidney
Francois Truffaut
W.S. Van Dyke
King Vidor
Josef von Sternberg
Peter Weir
Orson Welles
Jane Alexander
Judith Anderson
Jean Arthur
Lauren Bacall
Lucille Ball
Tallulah Bankhead
Brigitte Bardot
Jacqueline Bisset
Beulah Bondi
Glenn Close
Doris Day
Catherine Deneuve
Marlene Dietrich
Irene Dunne
Mia Farrow
Greta Garbo
Ava Gardner
Judy Garland
Lillian Gish
Paulette Goddard
Jean Hagen
Jean Harlow
Jessica Harper
Julie Harris
Rita Hayworth
Miriam Hopkins
Madeline Kahn
Deborah Kerr
Elsa Lanchester
Angela Lansbury
Piper Laurie
Janet Leigh
Jennifer Jason Leigh
Carole Lombard
Myrna Loy
Ida Lupino
Marsha Mason
Marilyn Monroe
Agnes Moorehead
Merle Oberon
Maureen O'Hara
Eleanor Parker
Michelle Pfeiffer
Debbie Reynolds
Thelma Ritter
Mimi Rogers
Gena Rowlands
Rosalind Russell
Meg Ryan
Jean Simmons
Kim Stanley
Barbara Stanwyck
Margaret Sullavan
Gloria Swanson
Gene Tierney
Kathleen Turner
Lana Turner
Liv Ullmann
Tuesday Weld
Debra Winger
Kate Winslet
Natalie Wood
Fred Astaire
Lew Ayres
John Barrymore
Charles Bickford
Ralph Bellamy
Dirk Bogarde
Charles Boyer
Richard Burton
Jim Carrey
John Cassavetes
Maurice Chevalier
Montgomery Clift
Lee J. Cobb
Joseph Cotten
Noel Coward
Tom Cruise
Tony Curtis
James Dean
Kirk Douglas
Douglas Fairbanks, Sr.
Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.
W.C. Fields
Ralph Fiennes
Albert Finney
Errol Flynn
Peter Fonda
Glenn Ford
Harrison Ford
John Garfield
James Garner
Elliott Gould
Cary Grant
Sydney Greenstreet
Richard Harris
Laurence Harvey
Bob Hope
Leslie Howard
Trevor Howard
Rock Hudson
James Earl Jones
Louis Jourdan
Boris Karloff
Buster Keaton
Gene Kelly
Arthur Kennedy
Alan Ladd
Harold Lloyd
Peter Lorre
Bela Lugosi
Roddy MacDowall
Fred MacMurray
Dean Martin
Steve Martin
Marx Brothers
James Mason
Raymond Massey
Marcello Mastroianni
Joel McCrea
Malcolm McDowell
Steve McQueen
Adolphe Menjou
Burgess Meredith
Robert Mitchum
Robert Montgomery
Zero Mostel
Nick Nolte
Peter O'Toole
Anthony Perkins
Walter Pidgeon
William Powell
Tyrone Power
Vincent Price
Richard Pryor
Claude Rains
Basil Rathbone
Ronald Reagan
Burt Reynolds
Ralph Richardson
Edward G. Robinson
Will Rogers
Mickey Rooney
Robert Ryan
George Segal
Peter Sellers
Robert Shaw
Donald Sutherland
Robert Taylor
John Travolta
Max Von Sydow
Clifton Webb
James Whitmore
Richard Widmark

It's a long list, and a very illustrious one. It's a list of actors and directors who never won an Academy Award. Check out those names. I'd hire any of them over a lot of the winners and it's a good bet that before the night is out more names will be on that list - and it's nowhere near complete. This is why I put virtually no stock in such awards.

People wonder why I watch the Oscars when I speak out against them so much. It's a simple reason - my mother got me watching them at an early age so I maintain that tradition. I know that my ma will be watching them and she knows full well that I'll be watching them too. Easy as that really. However it's hard to take the ceremony seriously when you consider that it gave the gong to such over-rated, under-talented people like Gywneth Platrow, Ben Affleck and Halle Berry - the later for a movie so awful it was near unwatchable. And yes, you read that right - Ben Affleck can introduce and promote himself as 'Oscar Winner Ben Affleck'. Makes you wanna puke.

Orson Welles, well he got half an Oscar. He won an award for co-writing Citizen Kane, one of the best movies of all time. Watch The Third Man or Touch Of Evil and wonder how he never got nominated again. One of the best directors ever, he never won for that. Yet Kevin Costner did.

Apparently the Academy thinks that Tom Hanks is a better actor than Paul Newman. Why? Because Hanks has won two awards, Newman has won the won (although he did get an honorary award a year prior to his winning his only Best Actor gong). Go and watch Absence Of Malice, Cool Hand Luke or The Verdict and ask yourself what did he have to do to win? Go and tell Hanks that he's a better actor than Newman and he'll probably ask what drugs are you on.

Steve McQueen? Don't get me started. Cincinnati Kid. The Sand Pebbles. Papillon. The Getaway. One nomination and then silence. Work that out. Norman Jewison has scored an Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award but nothing for his movies.

Plus the Academy are the ones who gave a lifetime achievement award to Elia Kazan for all the movies he made. Did anyone mention all the movies that never got made because of Kazan, or the lives and careers that he ruined? Not on the night they didn't. Still Kirk Douglas got one of those consolation prizes as well, as did Federico Fellini, Michelangelo Antonioni, Akira Kurosawa, Robert Altman, Peter O'Toole, Orson Welles, Charlie Chaplin, Edward G. Robinson and Chuck Jones. You see the Academy couldn't bring themselves to hand out the big one, even when the talent is just too good, because they favour flash over substance for the most part, so they hand out the consolation prize each year. All is forgiven, although Kazan has tainted that for a long while. Awww crap, I could be here all night but it's about to start.

Yep, it's damn hard to take the Academy Awards seriously. But we watch them all the same.


Chade said…
Hey, atleast Martin Scorcese finally won an Oscar for Best Director and Best Picture. It was a long time coming.

And if you really want to show how the Oscars don't work look at two consecutive years - Our Boy Russ wins for Gladiator instead of for A Beautiful Mind the year later, and Denzel Washington winning for Training Day instead of The Hurricaine the year previous.

It's really messed up. But occasionally they award the right people.
--steve cohen said…
This list is heartbreaking!!!
I never saw a list of _non-winners_ that so moved me.
Welles, Alan Ladd, Eddie Robinson,,,
Thank G*d that Scorses finally won!!!

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