The Last Word On The Continuing Saga Of The Hotel?

Just needed to do this and hopefully it'll be the last word on the Saga Of The Sebel (but then we know it won't). Last night was fun to watch and I was impressed how ACA managed to keep the feel of the interview/conversation intact and didn't make us look bad at all. Thanks for that guys - it's appreciated. That's two minutes off my Warhol time.

In response to the (to use their own words) misleading comments by the hotel spokesperson I'll ask this of all you hospitality workers: if someone came down to you at 10:30pm on New Years Eve and was as abusive, rude, aggressive and insulting as they say I was, and you had the following at hand - 1 bouncer/doorman less than 5 meters away, one concierge less than 2 meters away (in earshot), three counter staff less than 2 meters away (also in earshot) and what I expect was an assistant next to you, plus security cameras, are you then going to allow that behaviour or are you going to call for assistance and have the person removed?

I know what I'd be advising my staff to do. I wasn't abusive, aggressive, rude or insulting to the staff on that night. Their attempts to discredit me in such a poor fashion have done them no credit at all - they know they were in the wrong and instead of doing the right thing and saying, 'Sorry' (as I have done for calling the staff member in question a not so nice name on my blog for about an hour - more than you guys will do) they continue to dig the hole and throw more dirt - I guess they're hoping some of it will stick. It won't. They know what happened, I presume they have the tapes (I have my own witnesses to the events) and I'd love for them to pull them out and show me where I lived up to their allegations. But they won't because they can't because it didn't happen the way they say it did.

The hotel now says they're not going to take me to court and never were. So I was right all along - they were trying to scare me into an apology and retraction. Sorry guys, it ain't gonna happen anymore than you'll pick the phone up and speak to me about all of this and attempt to reach a suitable resolution. Mind you as they didn't tell the whole truth on TV I'm going to sit back and wait and continue to put into place avenues of protection for us on this blog. And I doubt very highly I'll be staying there again anytime in the future, near or otherwise. I can't recommend anyone else take that route, but I will say this - going on the actions of the hotel and going on the comments of other people connected to the hospitality trade in Adelaide, you may not get customer service included in the price of a room. And if you complain, publically, expect a good smear campaign.


shishyboo said…
saw the interview last night...

Well Done!
ashleigh said…
Something you might not be aware of, a few years ago the law was changed in Australia so that companies cannot sue for defamation. (Check... I'm 99% sure of this).

So maybe the staff could have had a go at you, but the company - no. It would have been empty threats from day 1 in the hope you'd either pull the story down or just go away. And perhaps a pre-emptive strike in case you tried to go them for some kind of damages yourself.

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