If It Wasn't So Funny...

So Simon Goodwin has been named as the Adelaide footballer who gambled during the season. There's now calls for a life ban and a minimum of $100,000 in fines, all for betting on football games that didn't involve his own club. Surely it's a bit of a joke? Not to the Official Port Adelaide Club Historian Michelangelo Rucci who'd be having a field day with this - indeed he's made sure that it's been front page news for the past couple of days. Rucci, never one to allow his bias to prevent him from bashing the Crows, is convinced that this is the most evil of crimes that a footballer can commit.

Let's look at it objectively, and this is what amazes me. According to both the AFL, and Rucci for that matter, if you're a player and you bet on a football game you can get banned for life and a $100,000 fine.

However an AFL footballer can do any of the following without any fear of censure from the either the AFL or Rucci (remembering that both a current and a former Port player was accused of the first offence, something Rucci will deny until he dies):
Rape (including covering it up with pay-offs)
Serious sexual assault
Serious physical assault (including placing people into comas and giving them permanent brain damage)
Beating people up waiting for a taxi
Domestic violence
(including threatening your partner with knives and/or guns)
Avoid the police while under the influence of drugs/alcohol (ie: dumping your car and running from a booze bus)
Take illegal drugs
Binge drink
Drink drive

Drive without a license, drunk and crash several cars (and avoiding police)
Have direct links to bikie gangs
Break and enter
Knowingly sell stolen goods

Amongst other offences.

There's a host of players currently playing today who've committed those offences - a quick Google search on any of those descriptions and the words 'AFL player' will bring up the names. The AFL have never punished them - indeed they've rewarded some of them - however, thanks to Rucci's charge, they want to hang Goodwin out to dry. I wonder if Rucci would be so persistent in his pursuit if the player who gambled was a Port player? Of course not. After all he considers the alleged rapist to be a damn good player and a close chum. That's bias for you.

And the AFL wonder why it's considered to be a joke.


Bronze John said…
I spoke to my brother the other day and asked if he felt left out that there was an AFL scandal that didn't involve his team.

One week to the pseudoseason. Fear us.
Bronze John said…
By the way, I wanted to see if there was an origin for the phrase "fear us". So I typed it into Google and came up with all these people fearing US attacks on their country.

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