Free Bastard Coffee

Have to laugh. Naylor House, the building I work in (day job), has had a new little coffee shop open up earlier this year. It was put there to service the entire building (said shop is located in the lobby) and I think that, over time, it'll be a success. Moderate, not roaring. In the meantime, in a great show of goodwill, said shop is giving away free cups of coffee to the building's tenants for the week.

I went and bought a bottle of Coke Zero yesterday (I don't even drink the crap - it's still in the fridge here) because I think that any shop that needs to give stuff away at such an early stage needs the money. However there's a pile of freeloaders from Centerlink (same building, different floor) who have been swamping the shop and cashing in. Typical. I can't work out just what it is that they do in their offices though. If they're not out the front of the building giving themselves lung cancer while they smoke like thirty bushfires they're hanging around the shop like bees on a fizzy drink on a hot day drinking free coffee - and that's all they seem to be doing at any given time - smoking and drinking coffee. They'll not buy anything, but offer something free and it's like watching a swarm of ants over a mountain of sugar. So next time someone from Centerlink calls you, cuts off your payments and says you're a freeloader, call 'em a bastard and say, "Buy your coffee next time you cheap clown!!"

Me? I need all the coffee I can get today, but then three hours of sleep will do that to a body.


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