Last night was the second run of the new BBQ and all went swimmingly. A few no-shows - Stevie was ill (although Tobias did wonder if Stevie was "ill or Stevie-ill", to which I said, "Well he says he's ill...") and Mich decided to fly to Perth at the last minute to attend a family funeral. Still I did manage to ring and abuse her for not getting her priorities right. Loads of kidlets running around, including two who seemed hell bent on beating the living suitcase out of a wall, good on 'em too, just means they'd have slept well when they got home.

Now here was the fun. As usual Chadwick was an hour late. Now Chadwick gets upset if anyone starts cooking without him and one phone call saying that Peter was about to fire up the bbq and start cooking (exact words: "Mate, a wog is about to start using the BBQ and he says he has heaps of garlic.") got Lil' Chad over quick smart. He's had the irrits for a while claiming that the invite I sent out made him look bad as he never has flames going while he's cooking. I'll let the photo tell the story there. That's Michael and daughter in the background recoiling in fear as Chadwick burns yet another snag. The man has absolutely no respect for dead animal flesh.

And burn he did. That's a gas powered cooker there...we're lucky that Smokey The Bear didn't come by and beat the crap out of Chad.

Fun was had by all, well I hope it was. I spent the bulk of the evening talking to Dr Nick and Mrs Dr Nick, much giggling about our recent experiences within our chosen fields. Still I adore them, they're some of my favourite people. In my mind the conversations were witty and engaging, but then by that stage my good pal Jose Cuervo had popped by so some things are a blur. As I'm not getting daggers thrown at me this morning and I woke up in my own bed I expect that I didn't do, or say, anything too offensive. Indeed Mrs Dr Nick has agreed to allow us to trial a black cat, which I fully intend to name after this guy. I've always wondered why people stare at me when I name animals.

Food, good music, good company, booze and more booze. What more could you want from an evening?

Sadly though all good things have to come to an end and reality now bites, for today is Bogan Fest 2007! This year's event promises to be as bad as last years and we can expect the usual punch-ups, police calls, drunks falling all over the place, loud screaming, explicit sexual behaviour in the streets (if I see what I saw last year then I'm gonna take some photos and sell them to a porn site). It's a pity that the reality of this event doesn't come close to the beautiful fiction that the council place on their web-site or their press releases. I know it sounds wowserish, but I tell you, it's days, and events, like these that make me want to go away from 9am through to about 12am. I'm tired of having people ringing our buzzers, trying to break in through the gates and throwing bottles at walls, mind you it'd be nice if the broken glass was cleaned up, nah, that won't happen.

I'll sneak out later and get some photos for ya. Mind you if the two Italians start playing That's Amore over and over (last year they played that one song for 3 hours straight!) then I'm gonna have to find a tower and get me a high powered rifle.


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