Change Of Pace

Because there's more to life than sitting down and taking abuse gracefully. Go ahead, click on the images for the larger view - hopefully it'll be worth it. This is why I love South Australia - because there's a postcard around every corner.

We've finally got a digital camera and the software to do what we want a camera to do (although I now need a tripod). One of the things that has always fascinated me are panoramic photos. I love them! 360% shots just thrill me no end, so when I discovered that this camera can take such photos, albeit in a round about way, I wanted to try it out. For me the locations were obvious - two of my all time favourite places to relax and regain my focus in and around Adelaide.

The first is Waterfall Gully. A well known spot the location always reminds me of something out a book on 19th century India or South Africa, not overly surprising as it was designed and built at around that time. The place is relaxing, it has a halfway decent eatery and it's great if you want to go for a gruelling walk and work off that fat. I walk from Waterfall through to Mt Lofty once and I know I'll be doing it again once I can convince the other half that she won't have a heart attack en route. The trails are varied, from hard to moderate, and once you get past the incline (after all you are walking up the hill) the views are well worth it. Plus there's at least six waterfalls to be discovered in this region, all are worth the look. Do watch out for the idiots on mountain bikes. Generally they're well behaved but, as with anything, there's a few cretins who insist on coming down the hill as fast as they can travel and like cleaning up the walkers.

Mount Lofty. This is either where you start or where you end, depending on which way you're going. When we visited there yesterday a fine mist was hanging over the city, or at least it appeared that way. Oddly enough once we drove back down the skies were clear and sunny - go figure. From Mt Lofty you have a clear view of the ocean and I'm going to head back up on a bright, sunny day and take the photo that I've always wanted - one that has the entire city and suburbs in it. Until then, well it's practice time for me.

So we came back, totally relaxed and with new focus. That's what a long, long drive does for me.


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