The Power Of The Whinge

Impressive. Most impressive. Last night I received a phone call from the hotel where we stayed at on New Years Eve. I say most impressive because, to be honest, I wasn't expecting to hear from them at all. What made me wonder was that they referred to both our letter of complaint (which we emailed on New Years Day) but also my blog!

Get outta here!!! I thought that, outside of a few people, no-one actually read this stuff. Colour me both amazed and stunned.

However, just to clarify something. I agree with the rules they had in place. They were damn good rules, designed to protect both the hotel and the guests. Naturally you don't want all kinds of wankers running around in the place, leaning over the balcony, whistling, yelling abuse and obscenities at people walking past, drinking, smoking and carrying on - which is exactly what we saw on the hotels balconies while we sat outside as several other guests did all of that, and more (the sweet smell of dope wafted over more than once). The rules aren't what I'm complaining about. What the nature of the complaint was is that they changed the rules. Upon booking and checking in were told one thing, at roughly 10pm we were told something totally opposite and encouraged to get our guests to pay a cover charge to enter the premises. If we'd been told that rule straight up then we'd still have stayed in the same place, but we would have made other plans. As anyone and everyone with a mobile phone knows you can't make a call on NYE because everyone is trying to. Thus we (ahhh the royal 'we') weren't able to contact people when we needed to.

We're also a bit Shirty (The Slightly Aggressive Bear - thanks Shish) about the way we were treated by one member of the staff. The rest of the staff were fine to us. However, as I've stated before, I'm not in the business of paying $250 to be made to feel like I'm doing something wrong and to be treated poorly. Hopefully now that the hotel are aware of things a decent resolution can be reached - I'd like for nothing more to happen. However I doubt we'd be willing to stay there again. As Alan Kupperberg pointed out to me last night who's to say we'd get treated any better now that the staff know we complained (but then Alan also told me that it's things like this that makes him want to just stay at home on days like NYE - I'm starting to see what he means).

I guess it'll be a waiting game. At the start of the call I was told it'd be a few days before it'd all be sorted out. That blew out to a few weeks by the time the call was done. I will say that the lady on the phone was very pleasant and I was impressed by the speed in which they responded to the complaint. I'll always give credit where credit is due.

And to think, someone at that hotel reads my blog. I'd love to know who.


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