Places To Avoid, Part I: The Sebel Playford

Ahhhhh a summer night in Adelaide is never a let down. The city turned all it's lights on, sadly my mobile phone was just too inadequate to get the photos I wanted (none of the fireworks photos are worth seeing) but trust me when I say that the sights and sounds of the evening were worth the price of admission.

Pity I can't say the same for the place we stayed in. It appeared that they were going out of their way to ruin the evening, or, at the very least, attempt us to stay put and spend copious amounts of money on the hotel grounds. When we booked we paid the same price as we did earlier in the year, the price was for a room with full breakfast. Nope, not this time around. Room only, and be thankful for that. So we phoned to get the check-in time and were told, 3pm. We turned up at 3pm to be told that check-in was actually at 2pm. Nice. The bellhop spied our bottle of champers and told us that it was against the hotel rules to bring booze up to the rooms - as if we had the contents of the local bottle shop in our bags. They allowed that one to slide.

It got worse. We intended on having some people over for a quick drink and then we were going to wander down to the fireworks display. The other half had asked about this earlier and was told, sure, that's fine, but we'd have to come down to get the guests, no-one was allowed to just wander up to the rooms. No problems. Stevie arrived, I went and fetched him, all was cool. Then my pal Mich and her chum arrived and phoned saying that the hotel staff had refused to allow her in. Down I wandered to find the night manager (Hello Lauren!) who told me that nope, no guests allowed. Why? I asked. Security reasons mainly, and that there were airplane staff who had to check out at 3am and thus the noise levels would be too high if people had parties going on, also, well, it's just something they decided. I stood there, took it all in and then the lovely Lauren informed me that, "most guests are obeying the rules, it's just a few ignorant ones who are hell-bent on breaking the rules and ruining it all for everyone." I stood my ground and said, "I'm deeply offended and insulted that you'd suggest that I'm doing anything wrong. I've come here, paid my money and invited some friends over for a drink before we went out. I'm not being noisy, we were told earlier tonight that it was fine for guests to come to the room for a drink, as long as they didn't stay the night. These rules you're talking about weren't explained to us beforehand and for you to suggest that I'm trying to break those rules, or are in any way doing something that I shouldn't be doing..." so she began to apologise. Again the airplane staff were dragged out. "That's not my fault they have to leave at 3am," I said, to some more abuse from the luscious Lauren, who, frankly, looked really pissed off that she had to be explaining to some guest why she was ruining their new years eve when she'd rather be out playing party girl somewhere. I was then told I was welcome to bring my guests in via the hotel bar, at a cover charge of $25 per head. If I did that then they could come to my room. I declined and out we all went, we sat outside and watched the loud parties in the other rooms where, presumably, everyone was a paying guest. I ended up phoning Chadwick and a few other pals to tell them not to bother dropping by as no-one was allowed up to the rooms.

It got worse. We got back from the fireworks just in time to see some old guy about to (loudly) beat the living suitcase out of his wife. I held back just in case but the situation it appeared to diffuse itself and off he went, cursing and banging the wall and doors all along the corridor. Back into the room we went and eventually off to sleep.

You read about this stuff. At just after 3am we heard doors slamming and loud voices in the corridor as the airplane staff all vacated. Much giggling and shouting of, "Hey, Ron, who was that slut you had in your room last night?" So much for me waking them. I'd hate to be on those planes today.

Finally I awoke and wandered down the stairs and read the newspaper. The other half woke up and bathrobes! She's betting that her credit card will be charged for the missing robes, I've told her that if it is then we're going to contact the bank and say that an illegal charge has been done. I'm also going to send a strongly worded letter of complaint to the hotel, not that I expect anything to be done about it all. I also doubt very highly if I'll ever be staying there again, or at any other hotel in their chain. I don't pay $250 to be insulted and get crappy treatment like that. The good thing is, the night wasn't totally ruined, just a bit of a let down as we weren't able to catch up with some of the people we wanted to.

I think next year we'll stay in the Hyatt across the road. The people who were staggering out of there looked like they were having fun. I've stayed in $35 per night fleabags that afforded me better treatment than these wankers did. I wasn't aware that Adelaide had it's own version of Fawlty Towers, but there you go, it does, and it's called the Sebel Playford Adelaide.


Looks like I won't be bothering to stay there anytime soon. Maybe there's some flea-pit with a less than 1 star rathing with better service?
Danny said…
It's a shame because the views are rather stunning and the rooms themsevles are quite excellent. Just that the customer service left a lot to be desired.

We've sent the email of complaint off and we'll see what, if anything, comes of that.
shishyboo said…
That must be hotels everywhere... My parents in law booked a room overlooking the Swan river for the Australia Day fireworks one year and were given the same unreasonable rules.
No visitors in the room, no food or alcohol to be brought in unless purchased from the hotel. Defeated the whole purpose of having the room in the first place. Needless to say, they cancelled their booking.
Any other day of the year and they could have done whatever they wanted.
I'm glad it didn't ruin your night.
jeremy said…
Those rules are pretty stock standard for NYE as we stayed at another hotel with the same rules, harsher even, asking us to sign doc's argeeing to leave without a refund if we cause excess noise or disturbance. And to be honest I'm glad that the hotel took such measures to protect us as guests. I certainly wouldn't like random intoxicated people waltzing in from off the street roaming the halls, comprimising our security. Those staff are just doing their job and how would you feel if you had to work new years eve while others around you are having a good time.
Danny said…
Jeremy - the rule itself wasn't the issue. I can fully understand where they're coming from and actually I also agree with it. It was the fact that the rules were changed on us like they were. If they'd said, upfront, "No, you can't have people up in your room" then we'd have delt with it and made our plans. But they told us that it'd be fine, let the first guest up and then said, "No, you can't have people up there under any circumstances." Be consistent. That and the overall treatment from the night manager - I felt offended and seriously, I don't pay money to be offended. I'd done nothing to deserve it.

They might indeed be doing their job, but part of that job isn't to act like everyone is automatically doing something wrong.
Jeeves said…
It seems to me that there are two types of people who stay in hotels - Ones that can afford to, and those who can't... I wonder what category this blogger falls into? People need to understand that a hotel room is just that, it's not a scout hall, disco or a brothel! Having spent 20+ years in the hotel industry, I can assure you that for your $300, all you get in a 5 star hotel is the room, just because you spent this amount does not mean you get to do anything you like, or have everybody you want, in the room. Management have these rules for good reason. Simple. Maybe next new year's you should stay at home with a Fawlty Towers DVD and a six pack, as that sounds about in you price range...
Danny said…
Believe me 'Jeeves', we can more than afford to stay in a hotel. What you fail to understand is that no-one, and I mean NO-ONE has the right to treat guests poorly. I doubt you've worked a day in the hospitality industry with the attitude that you have.

We had no desire to treat the place like a brothel at all. We got the room, we established the rules up front and those rules were changed upon us. While those rules were changed we were treated like crap, something you'd clearly agree with (and most likely do). Tell you what, what hotel do you work at?

Whoops, sorry, you'd be too gutless to let people know wouldn't you? You'd not want that place to know the true nature of the staff that work there.

And trust me sunshine, you couldn't afford our price range. There's three types of people - those who can afford to stay in a hotel, those who can't and those who have to work in them in order to get anywhere the near the rooms. You clearly fall into the latter catagory.
Danny said…
Oh, and 'Jeeves', you wouldn't happen to work at the Sebel Playford would you? As has been pointed out to me it's a tad odd that the hotel would let me know that they're aware of my blog and then some simple minded cretin pops up and starts the abuse and attacks.

Trust me 'Jeeves', it won't take too much effort to work out who you are. Loud mouthed wankers like yourself always have a tendency to brag to their co-workers, and what you're not aware is that I also know people in the hospitality trade here in Adelaide. In fact those same people were the ones who insisted I share my issues with what happened.

C'Mon 'Jeeves', be a man and reveal yourself. But then continue being a coward and just hide behind a false name. You see I doubt very highly you even work in the hotel trade, unless you're one of those people who clean the toilets.
shishyboo said…
you'd think if you wanted to abuse shit out of a customer you might choose to remain anonymous rather than choose a hospitality related name like jeeves
Anonymous said…
He's probably just a baggage monkey. He's no more spent 20 years in hospitality than my brother is the Prime Minister.
Anonymous said…
Want to know preassure?

work in a hotel on NYE, the rules are changed by management for the front line staff to deal with every 5 seconds.
From the GM/CEO down to the dish pigs, the rules change all the time, everyone is on tenderhooks.
The directive 'Lauren' probably got was from her boss who thought it was better to protect a $500k contract with the airline than a person who stays once in a while.
Management should have had a clearly define set of rules for their NYE procedures and communicated them clearly to the staff in the days prior to NYE to avoid such things happening.
We had to tell some guests to keep the noise down in my hotel on NYE, the next day we had furniture ripped off of walls and burns in the carpet. This is in a room that cost about the same as what you paid also.
Don't blame 'Lauren' don't blame the hotel, blame the ones who don't or weren't doing the right thing by others and who made 'Management' make the decision to take those measures to protect their investment and their business.
From what I have heard, a few doors down it was like Animal House on NYE with people throwing things out windows.
I know what I would have prefered.
I do agree with Jeeves though, all you pay for is the room, if you want good customer service, you may be in the wrong place.
Having said that, don't judge us all by the one expereince and remember, we are trying to keep everyone happy and it can get hard to do that.

Danny said…
Why is it that no-one feels that you should expect good customer service in a five star hotel? Is it customary to treat paying guests like shit then? I've stayed in pretty much all the major hotel chains in my time, from the Hyatt on down, and this is the only time I've been treated like this on such a scale - everywhere else the customer service has been excellent, causing me to go back and to recommend the places to others (hey - funny thing 'Jeeves', I counted up how many days I had to stay in hotels last year, both in South Australia and interstate, and it comes out to over 25 nights/days. Puts your theory to shit eh, you gutless peon).

I fail to understand the mentality that suggests that anyone paying to stay in a five star hotel should naturally expect to be treated like shit. That just doesn't wash. It's like buying a Porsche and expecting it to break down - and just accepting it when it does.

And yes, on other balconies, we saw people were acting like utter fuckwits. I'd have liked nothing more than to see those people thrown out. Instead we were the ones treated like crap - and we were doing the right thing. Work that out.

As I've said, repeatedly, I'm not questioning the rules. Those rules were very sound, albeit they failed by allowing some people to run riot, I question the fact that they changes those rules and insulted/offended me as they did. To me that's not acceptable. Sure go to the rooms where people are carrying on and fling them into the street - hey - I'll even help. But don't shoot the people who do the right thing while allowing others to continue doing the wrong thing.

Is that that hard to comprehend?

I'm not judging everyone by the one bad experience, but I believe I do have a right to complain when I'm not happy with the service given - or do hotel management/staff just ignore the feedback forms and merely place them there for shits and giggles?
Anonymous said…
Good point but, there is a perception, rightly or wrongly that you are just a number at a 5* hotel. The high turn over of staff, the low numbers of repeat business is a breeding ground for mediocre customer service. I am not privy to the Sebel's philosophy on this, I guess they strive for 100% customer satisfaction, well, I would hope they do.

To incur such a failure in their service as they have had happen with you will hopefully make them stand back and reasses their rules and procedures on nights such as NYE.

My previous post was just to highlight the fact that 'Lauren' could have been under a lot of pressure from management and other guests and handled the situation with you the wrong way.

Don't forget 'Lauren' doesn't know you or your friends and we all have the 'fight or flight' behaviour when we are under pressure, it sounds like 'Lauren' was issued the directive from management that no more guests were allowed to bring friends into the hotel and she would be held responsible if there were.

I guess at this stage, all you can ask for is the hotel to clearly define their policy for next year so this doesn't happen again.
Even though I don't work for the Sebel, I can understand that things may have gotten out of control and they had to make the policy up ad hoc and in doing so have upset you in the process.

As I wrote before, NYE is THE worst night to have to work in the industry and people do have the perception that if they pay money to stay somewhere, they have the right to be able to do what they want. The amount of times I have had people tell me that they paid money to stay in a hotel and they should be able to swim at anytime they want is astounding, it doesn't matter that they are waking 40 people up with their yelling.

I agree with you, you do have a right to complain but, the customer is no longer always right. It sounds like 'Lauren' should have explained to you why guests were no longer allowed to bring friends into the hotel.
It is interesting that you have done this, it has spread on Adelaide's hospitality industry grapevine like wildfire.

Good luck.
Danny said…
It has? Incredible! I'd love to know where and how it's spread.

I do suspect that 'Jeeves' works within the Sebel Playford and it appears that he's missed the point entirely - that I didn't have a problem with the rule, just that it was changed on us and we were treated rather poorly. But then if 'Jeeves' is a reflection of how some people in the Adelaide hosptiality trade act towards their paying guests (ie: like they're shit) then perhaps an overhaul is needed.

I did feel sorry for Lauren and I do understand that she was under the pump somewhat. As I wrote she looked like she'd have rather been anywhere else but in that hotel having to explain to the guests why they suddenly weren't allowed to bring anyone in. Perhaps the counter staff got it wrong earlier in the day - who knows?

I can see your point that people are just numbers in the cog for a hotel, but at the end of the day those numbers are also people and those people are paying money for a service. Part of that service includes customer service, otherwise just give me the keys and bugger off - pure and simple. But if I have a question I do expect an answer. If I'm not being abusive, insulting or beligerant then I don't expect anyone to be any of those back at me. If I'm being polite (albeit somewhat puzzled) then I expect that politeness to be returned. It's a little thing called manners. If Lauren was frazzled and needed a break - and of course it was a busy night, probably the busiest night of the year - then surely the concierge could have handled my questions just as easily?

I don't check into a hotel and expect that because I've paid then I can do whatever I want and run riot. That's just being stupid really. In fact I'm quite boring in a hotel (about the worst thing I've done is take some soap by accident) and I'm always quiet - just my nature. If, as you say, in the hotel trade the customer is no longer always right then that's all well and fine - I now know this and I'll act upon it accordingly. However I do have a right to complain and I do have a right to air my complaint. If anyone in the hospitality industry takes offence at that, well then perhaps they should be looking at themselves and how they treat their guests. I hope more people speak out when they're treated poorly under any circumstances.
Retired Hospitality said…
Hey Danny, what an amazing level of response. I think it's quite admirable to see a member or two of the Hospitality Industry present to defend themselves. I always loved the defensive nature of the industry when the GM would hand out the comment cards to the respective department heads and ask them to justify their staff. The department heads would give their tried and tested responses and move the complaints down the line. I can't count the amount of times I've had to take staff aside and talk them through the complaints.
It sometimes seems that the last thing that Hospitality actually want to be is Hospitable, and it's completely understandable why. It's crap work. I worked in the Industry for 15 years, in kitchens and bars to the 5 star hotels, and loved most of it. But I'm thankful every day for retiring from that Industry and moving on to greener pastures.
A very common misconception regarding 5 star hotels, and in fact the whole of the star ratings thing: Stars in Australia have nothing to do with service.
This page details the basic rules for Australian star ratings. It's quite funny and you'd be amazed at the amount of people who think that '5 star' means service standards, they don't realise that it is all about image, availability of services and facilities. Compare our rating system to that of Europe and you can see why a lot of international tourists leave dissapointed in our hotels. Here is the definition for 5 star Hotels in the UK: Impeccably dressed staff provide attentive and unobtrusive service. All bedrooms will have an en suite bathroom with a bath and thermostatically controlled shower. Meals are cooked and presented to an excellent standard using high quality ingredients.
And for Australia: International standard with a high degree of facilities: outstanding appointments, furnishings and décor and an extensive range of first class guest services. A number and variety of room styles and/or suites, choice of dining facilities, 24 hour room service, housekeeping, valet parking, porterage and concierge services.

Now, Don't get me wrong, there a lot of brilliant people working in the Hospitality Industry, but there are also a lot out there that shouldn't be working there. It's a damn hard job smiling and taking crap from assorted and varied customers, all the while trying to maintain a professional and calm demeanour. Trying to keep timings right between Front and Back of House. Liaising with Chef's and Department heads so that you can provide for the guest. These things are not easy, and NYE is especially difficult because it's the last big night of the Christmas Season (unless your down at the Bay, you have to wait until around Easter to have a decent break) although I'd say there are harder shifts than NYE. What about the Clipsal when the city gets invaded by petrol heads that drink excessively, are loud and rambunctious, and throw up in their rooms, in restaurants, bars etc. I always hated those shifts dealing with that crowd. NYE is just par for the course: It's a big night, lots of people partying that doesn't include you, but if you did want to be able to do all the NYE stuff then you're in the wrong industry. It's as simple as that.

Now Danny, you've done the right thing by posting a comments and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You've presented your case quite validly. Rules should not be changed on the spot (and Yes I have worked Front Office and Concierge), the rules should be firmly established prior to booking and available to you on Check in.
You must remember though, that all Hotels have a NYE rate that is substantially higher than at other times of the year. This is mostly to cover the shortfall during the quiet periods, and you just have to accept it.
Hotels in Australia do have a poor habit of overworking their staff, especially managers. I once worked close on 72 hours straight because some staff were ill, and the FBM wouldn't allow any other staff to tranfer in to alleviate the pressure. By the end of it I was running on pure hate and everyone working there knew it, although the guests always got pleasant service and were unaware.

I'm so pleased this comment has got around the Hospitality Industry here in SA. Hopefully it can be utilised in a positive way, although it's a very small industry and will probably fester a little in places. Who knows, maybe some of the upper management will look at it and work to change some policies, I kid, management (mostly) don't react that way in Hospitality. I can't wait to see what other responses arrive here.
Danny said…
This is a real eye-opener to not only me but people I know who've emailed over the last week or so. I never realised just how poorly some hotel staff view their guests. To say that we're all just numbers, that the cost of the room doesn't include customer service and that once you check in you're merely a number and clearly deserve to be treated with utter disdain and contempt just boggles my mind.

I'm well aware that the rates go up on dates such as NYE, Easter and the like. We were going to book into a place in Melbourne for business last year and it fell on the same weekend as the Melbourne Cup. The normal room rates for the place we usually stayed were triple what they were and frankly I was happy that the trip was cancelled. Same with the Commonwealth Games. I expect that, I understand it and I can accept it.

I can only imagine the pressure the staff were under, but then I wasn't yelling abuse, neither were my friends, and as such I don't expect poor treatment. If I was standing there screaming my tits off at the staff then I'd expect to be turfed, however I did the opposite. I'd love to see the footage from that night (I'm sure they filmed it, as they film everything else). My own job is very high pressure, but I don't turn on people and give them poor customer service just because I can. Quite the opposite. However it does appear to me, going on some of the views, that some hotel staff believe that they're justified in abusing their guests or treating them poorly and they do this because they can.

That's sad. It's incredible and fascinating, but sad at the same time.

I expect now that I might as well resign myself to the fact that I won't be staying in any hotels in Adelaide now. I'd not be surprised if there's a black-list and I'm sure that people such as 'Jeeves' would treat us poorly and abuse us just because he can and wants to. And why? Because I complained and exposed some flaws in the system. Does that mean he'd find it amusing, and justifiable, to urinate in my food if he got the chance? I'd not put it past some people. Just how bad is the industry when it comes to customer service.

Again, incredible.

I'd still like to know just how this has gotten around and what the broader response is.
Ms Smack said…
Customer service is a must when you pay for anything. Hotel room, hungry jacks, Gauchos, champagne, whatever.

You had poor customer service - end of story.
Anonymous said…
Thant's right Dannyboy, we all have a Most Wanted picture of you on our front desks, I just put you on our dart board and we are having a competition on who hits the bullseye. j/k

Yes you most certainly got bad customer service.

I can understand your point but I can also understand the implimentation on the rules by the Sebel, is there no way you would concede that for whatever reason you both can be right in your thinking? That this is a grey area?

Two different underlings told you two different things, the check in times, that was just sloppy but I can and do understand why the rules would have changed during the night as to guests having guests in their rooms. Most certainly management should have had those not doing the right thing ejected and unfortunately, you were penalised.

I wasn't there so maybe I shouldn't comment, but I just want you to have a look at it from the point of view of the Sebel.

There are many of us who believe that customer service is the very definition of our industry but that there are also many external forces that can impeed us doing our best for everyone and we can't make all of the people happy.

(no I don't work for them)
Danny said…
Dartboard eh? That'd not be the first time I've heard that one...heh. Let me know if want a more up to date photo - I'll even paint the bullseye on it. Mind you I'd love to find out who that wanker 'Jeeves' is.

Nah, seriously, I've said this many a time - I can accept the rule and I agree with it. It's the way things were handled and the way we were treated that I have issue with. It's not a grey area for me - the ruling that says no-one is allowed in on such a night is a good one and I'd support. However the rules were changed and we were made to feel like we'd done something very, very wrong when we hadn't. I can see their point of view, sadly it appears that there's a lot of people who can't see my point of view - the point of view of the customer, because they clearly feel that the customer is a lowly piece of shit who should be grateful that they're allowed into the hotel after paying.

I did get bad customer service. It was very confusing and the manner in which I was spoken to did make me feel somewhat uneasy to say the least. I wasn't being rude, I wasn't being beligerant or abusive and as such I expect that right back.

Why is it that some people in the hotel industry feel that all you're getting when you book/pay is a bed? How much extra do you have fork out for decent customer service then?
Anonymous said…
Don't worry, I am trying to find out who Jeeves is also.

Someone who works at the Sebel knows who I am but, they have no idea who Jeeves is.
Danny said…
I'd like to know who 'Jeeves' is if only so that I can totally avoid any hotel that he works out. He sounds like the kind of person who'd happily spit on the guests if they so much as asked him the time of day.
Melanie said…
By Jeeves logic, It's ok for the staff of Myer to treat me like crap, after all, I'm only paying for the shoes..????!!!! What a load of cods!
Everyone should expect decent service - everywhere - and everyone has the right to complain when they don't.
Anthea said…
But very interesting blog, very interesting, what arseholes there are around… and I guess the point is, even if Lauren had been told to change the rules, there is more than one way to handle it and from the sound of it, she chose the wrong way, very unprofessional and clearly inappropriate. ""most guests are obeying the rules, it's just a few ignorant ones who are hell-bent on breaking the rules and ruining it all for everyone."
That to me is quite pointed and so close to being something she should be reprimanded over, because whether you were a pilot or a racing car driver or singer, or a Daniel, if the same amount of money is being paid for a room, you would anticipate that each person would get the same service and consideration.

Am quite impressed as to your impact in the Hospitality world too.. A man with some influence! hehee
M said…
Yes, the place left a lot to be desired. I was the friend they elected not to let in, as wasn't on their list - my friend and I were stone cold sober, not dressed like hookers, and were going to drop in briefly before meeting people at the casino. The bouncer on the door was extremely apologetic - he couldn't understand the logic of it all. And while I was quietly fuming, another girl who'd booked a room for 4 of them was advised 2 others with her couldn't come in as they had 2 on the list, not 4. She was ropeable, and quoted a list of names of people she had spoken to who had confirmed her booking and the only response was "they're not on duty so we can't do anything, they can't come in." The attitude shown by staff was appalling - I don't expect anger, frustration and rudeness when none has been displayed.
You know, it really shouldn't have been a big deal but obviously the staff there do not know how to deal with NYE and don't really care that their actions have tarnished the hotel's reputation. I can guarantee I will not be back, nor will book any of my work events there - there are plenty of other places to go.
Anonymous said…
"Why? I asked. Security reasons mainly, and that there were airplane staff who had to check out at 3am and thus the noise levels would be too high if people had parties going on, also, well, it's just something they decided. I stood there, took it all in and then the lovely Lauren informed me that, "most guests are obeying the rules, it's just a few ignorant ones who are hell-bent on breaking the rules and ruining it all for everyone."

Sounds to me that Lovely Lauren did explain exactly why the rule changed; some guests had abused the rule and now no-one was being allowed extra visitors. So where did she become abusive?

" she began to apologise."

Again it seems to me she is trying to be as nice about this as possible

"I ended up phoning Chadwick and a few other pals to tell them not to bother dropping by as no-one was allowed up to the rooms."

Oh, so you had planned to abuse the hotel as a party-house that you wouldn't have to clean-up. Sounds like Lovely Lauren prevented another potential party erupting in the hotel, while she was probably also having to deal with the ones already in the hotel.

I certainly don't envy anyone who has to work hospitality on NYE, especially those in hotels. A little consideration from the guests towards the hard working staff wouldn't go astray.
M said…
Sigh, and here we go again, another rant from someone who wasn't even there.
Once again, the bouncer on the door - very friendly; the 2 staff that I saw and heard dealing with customers - rude and aggressive.
"Party house?" Be real. A quite drink between 5 people before they went out to party elsewhere - and yes, i was driving, not drinking. I can also categorically state I've never, and never will, trash a hotel room - I'm the type that hangs up towels etc. Obviously Anonymous has behaved like this in the past, which is why they so readily assume others do this.
But at any rate, was lovely to see everyone & I had a great time New Year's Eve. :)
Danny said…
Party house? Are you kidding? I just love it when ignorant people like 'Anonymous' believe that they know the intentions of people they've never met, don't know and have no idea about. For the record 'Anonymous' at no stage was I wanting to have a party in the room. I told Chadwick not to come to the hotel because he'd not be able to get in nor get a message to us - Chadwick didn't get the message and arrived anyway to be told that he couldn't get in nor get a message to us. I didn't want Chadwick wasting his time.

If I want a party 'Anonymous' I'd much rather have one at my home, not that I have parties anyway. In fact, in that regard, I'm quite sedate and dull - as anyone will tell you. But, as you're so clearly ignorant and can't read an entire post, you'll notice that I said that I took exception to being called 'ignorant' (as I hope you are now), took exception to the tone of voice and the manner in which I was spoken to and that my intentions were to catch up with people and then leave the premises so we could watch the fireworks and have a quiet drink. That was it. Nothing more, nothing less and hardly a party.

I think M is right 'Anonymous', you clearly have experience in turning hotel rooms into party houses, trashing them and then fleeing into the night.

No wonder you don't reveal your name.
Anonymous said…
Ever heard of defamation of character??? you dont know this Lauren, i'd be very careful of what you say!It seems like everyone is trashing her, and she doesn't have the chance to defend herself. Poor girl! Everyone gets caught out from time to time in thier jobs, maybe it's better to let sleeping dogs lie. Time to move on people! By the way.."HAPPY NEW YEAR!"
Danny said…
That's quite funny 'Anonymous'. You accuse me of defamation when, if you're the same 'Anonymous' that's been posting, you've clearly done worse to me and to be frank very few people who've posted comments on this know me - and none of the hotel staff who've left comments certainly know me at all. You'll have to try a lot harder to scare me pal - empty threats of legal action just don't do it.

But nope, I've not defamed anyone, just reported things as they happened.

Let sleeping dogs lie? I'm sure that a lot of the hotel staff would love that - just sweep the complaints under the carpet and pretend they never happen.
Anonymous said…
No, that other 'anonymous' isn't the same one that was having a discussion with you about this. I'm a bit lost as to how I have done worse to you.

Maybe there is a bit something I am missing, the other 4 or 5 posts that I wrote, I thought I was being nice and not agressive like the person who recently posted under anonymous.

Anyway, I just wanted to clear that up for the people who know who I am.
Gothqueen said…
Well, colour me confused. It'd be one hell of a lot easier if you all had the balls to give yourself a name - even a nom de plume! I've no idea how many 'Anonymous' people are posting - but for the large part, you're all missing the point completely.
Danny said…
Well as far as I'm concerned if you post once as 'anonymous' then you take ownership of all the comments, unless you can prove you didn't write them.

How about giving yourself a name? It's hard to take anyone seriously when they leave a comment under the tag of 'anonymous' claiming to be an expert - after all you could be anyone.
Anonymous said…
I'm not here to be pretentious or to poke my fingers at who is right and who is wrong but rather, to merely state my point of view.

It's called the Party Policy.

Perhaps if you read your registration card when you checked in or even if you worked in the Hospitality industry you'd understand the reasoning behind the actions taken.

Security was most probably a critical factor behind letting guests up at night.

As for the alcohol, I believe Australian Law requires a Liqour License to be implemented - even if it is just one bottle of champers for guests in their room.

What I wanna know is, how much of what we saw on Today Tonight was manipulated?

Afterall, the media does have a tendency to manipulate...
Danny said…
It was on Today Tonight as well?

We weren't aware of the booze policy and the baggage monkey told us it was fine by him, that means they had their chance to remove the champagne but didn't.

How much was manipulated? Just for the record - the guy who they had speaking lied. I was not abusive on the night, but then going on a lot of the comments here I expected him to lie and back his staff. I should take legal action against him...
Anonymous said…
You wrote: "I never realised just how poorly some hotel staff view their guests. To say that we're all just numbers, that the cost of the room doesn't include customer service and that once you check in you're merely a number and clearly deserve to be treated with utter disdain and contempt just boggles my mind."

What do you do for a living Danny?

It's not a matter of treating guests poorly. With good comes bad, and naturally bad comes good.

No one is perfect. Infact, nothing is perfect.

You go to a supermarket, you can get treated poorly or experience the best customer service EVER.

You drive on the street, you get abused by other drivers. Its all a matter of opinion, upbringing and all that.

I could go on for hours and hours but Danny, has this situation really been the first time you have been treated poorly by someone in the Customer Service sector? Surely not.

I'm only a teenager and have been in Customer Service for years. I get so irritated when I, and other collegues, are nothing but nice to guests/customers and WE get treated like sh!t in return.

I mean, give us some credit.

Perhaps this situation comes does to you get what you give?


Anonymous said…
P.s: Legal action?

We are following our American counterparts more and more everyday, aren't we?
Danny said…
Well the hotel were the first to issue the threat of legal action - I'm very tempted to post the letter itself. As for getting what you give, well the hotel can't complain - they treated me like shit, they've lied so they can reap the seeds of their bad karma. Pure and simple.

I do feel for front line people in the customer service stakes (believe it or not I deal with worse people than any 5 star hotel does as part of my part-time job) but that doesn't mean that they can insult people willy-nilly and then get upset when someone reports what's happened. And, at the end of the day, that's what I did - reported what went on. They have a different view of events, and I'm not surprised that it differs so much.

I'd love for the hotel to release the security footage showing me abusing the night manager. They won't because they can't because it didn't happen that way.

And answer me this - if anyone, and I mean ANYONE, was as abusive on the night as they say I was then would they be instantlly removed from the premises? Of course they would. I wasn't. Why? Because I wasn't being aggressive or abusive.
blue_kat_88 said…
To every 'anon' on here, get a name for yourself no matter how fake so that those of us who are NOT telepathic know which 'anon' is which. Thank you.

I find this whole saga hilarious and yet so very very sad. A lot of what has been written is so far from what has been both written in the post and the writer's true nature. In all of my years being on this planet I have very few recollections of Danny being ill-tempered in a public scenario. He works in a place where people DO swear at him every work day and knows what that feels like. He doesn't do it to other people. I'm sure he agrees with everyone who has stated this, just because you're paid to stand there doesn't mean you are paid to be treated like crap.

I'm a teenager too and understand the painting with the unfair broad brush of 'A Current Affair' hate, oh latest of the anons but trust me when I say this, it was handled poorly. Plus no-one says peace like that anymore but hey, what can you do. If someone abused me and I was a night duty manager at a hotel on New Years I would call the cops. No second chance, that monkey would be evicted. At yet it clearly reads that he stayed until breakfast to find the food missing. A mistake on the writers part (not reading the small print to find no breakie) but still. If the manager felt threatend at the time, or even now, why isn't there a police car outside. Verbal assult is somewhat bad and probably carries a caution. As there are no police, I asume there was very little to no abuse at the actual hotel to the staff.

It is sad when customers are not allowed to give feedback when they are treated shabily as if I was treating someone poorly I would LOVE it if someone pulled me aside and said "Hey, wiener. Pull your act together." At least then I could learn from my mistake. The Sebel Playford had this chance and have instead crudded themselves and threatened to "undertake legal action" which they then retracted in front of the camera realising that it may backfire.

I do believe I am ranted out for now. I feel better. My only hope is that people start to see that big hotels (like the Sebel Playford) do like to screw the little guy if they have half a chance. Good for them. May their stocks rise and their rate of customers fall.

Oh and ps. Media does manipulate but it also exposes. Which was the case this time?

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