More On The Continuing Saga Of The Hotel

Oh, it just gets better. As expected I'm totally wrong, they're right and they're intending to take legal action against me for attempting to damage the reputation of the Hotel with my 'misleading account'. The last comment is funny because what I did was report what happened on the night - hardly misleading at all. I stand by what I wrote. I wonder though, if it does hit court, will those people from the hotel in question who left the slanderous comments about me be asked to reveal their identities? At least I have the balls to sign my name, unlike the faceless, feckless bastards who left the comments.

This whole saga has left a bad taste in my mouth to be honest. It's turned me right off staying at these kinds of places. Seems my main crime is that I shouldn't have publically revealed what happened or suggested that I've been treated better in cheaper hotels. Oh, and I shouldn't have called them nasty names. Boo frigging hoo. I loved the line in the letter that my accounts and the 'investigation' were 'similar (there are) differences in the accounts'. Clearly that's enough for them to call in the lawyers. Frankly I fully expected the staff to tell a different story - who wants their job at risk? Better to blame the nasty man who complained.

This'll be fun - a multi-national hotel chain with millions at their disposal suing me. I've got nothing they can take...but they're welcome to my debts. I expect I'll be asked to publish a retraction - which I won't - or an apology. Hey - I'll apologise for calling them wankers but I refuse to apologise for what they did. But chalk this one up to big business winning yet again - the customer is not always right at all, especially when this could have been easily fixed with a single phone call, which the hotel state they're unwilling to do (because I went public first). In the letter they clear up a few things, which is excellent and yep, I appreciate getting the room on the cheap (it appears we were upgraded) - however they're going to claim the robes and other odds and sods. No complaints from other guests as to the 3am wake-up, fair enough and they've stated that no airline staff were on the floor we were on. Okily dokily. Doesn't mean it didn't happen.

Alan Kupperberg, you were right. From now on I stay at home on New Years Eve. All you hospitality staff can rejoice - you've won. My business now goes elsewhere, along with my cash (little that I have). Steal a bottle from the mini-bar tonight, drink it and charge the guest on me. Shame though, the hotel does have a lovely view.

Might have to change the PayPal button to a fighting fund if they're gonna grind me into the dirt.


Foilwoman said…
I'm totally floored by the attitude of the staff and some of the anonymous commenters. Rules aren't laws. If a hotel has rules, one presumes it's for increased profitability and guest comfort. If a guest isn't comfortable, then the rule needs to be amended, bended, stretched, whatever. I've stayed in big hotels on holiday evenings and have never been told that friends couldn't come up to the room for a drink before heading to a party or whatever. My parents always stay in a hotel when they visit me, and I and my children are always dropping by their room. The hotel wouldn't have survived five minutes of a tirade from my stepfather if a bouncer had tried to keep me and my kids from coming up to visit my mom.

And they're threatening to sue you because you wrote about what happened? Hey, it's a goddamn review. Accept you had a dissatisfied customer, try (incredibly belatedly) to make it right, and shut up, whining hotel people. Eish.
Danny said…
Personally I'm not surprised in the slightest - I even called it early in the piece. If the comments by the hotel staff were anything to go by then it's totally in character for the management to act this way. I'm waiting for someone in the hotel trade to recognise me and attempt to have me bashed by the bouncers in retribution. As I said it appears the biggest crimes are that I went public with my complaint and I called people nasty names. However to suggest my accounts were 'misleading' is laughable at best - after all it happened that way and I'm sure that people told the truth then they'd soon realise this.

Pity they couldn't make a simple call to settle things. To suggest that the lawyers are to be involved kind of reeks of bullying to me. What do they have to hide, I wonder?
Retired Hospitality said…
This does not suprise me in the slightest. When i was in the industry working at the '5 star level' the customer was only right when talking to them directly. As soon as they'd left we would revert to our natural state of "The customer is stupid and has no idea what they want. It's why they come to us, we know what's right for the customer and they have to deal with that."
I remember dealing with so many angry and abusive calls because we'd charged mini-bar use to their credit cards after they'd left the hotel because they hadn't told the receptionist on check out. Hell, we used to charge for a lot of stuff that was missing, and the rule of thumb is charge the guest most recent to you finding the missing item. This was a brilliant one because I used to have to audit my staff and I'd often find items missing in rooms that they had neglected to notice were missing. It's an absolutely brilliant scheme especially with international clients who are don't know what's been charged to their cards for weeks after they've left the hotel unless they've been checking their balances as they go. It's brilliant around Cricket Season because there are so many people following them around that can't even remember what they were doing the night before, let alone whether they raided the mini-bar.
My word of advice to anyone staying in any hotel in Australia or across the globe when placing the booking is to request that the mini-bar be removed from the room, and at check in request a list of hotel items that should be in the room and check it as soon as you are in. Keep the concierge there while you do it.
This isn't to say that our Hospitality Staff are shoddy, they do a great job 90% of the time. Do you really want to be caught out on the 10% of the time that they get it wrong?

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