More Newtons: What I Need

It's been a while since I visited the world of Newton Comics and in that time a lot has happened. I'm almost at the end of my search, not too many books to track down. The ones that I do have to find are proving to be very elusive indeed, but all in good time.

In the meantime I've finally put together what I consider to be a virtually complete checklist of what Newton released. This hasn't been easy and without the help of people such as Peter Ivan, Robert Thomas and Kevin Patrick then things would all the more muddier. What frustrates me is that there are a few people in the circles that collect these kind of comics who now want to charge me arms and legs - in one case someone has been dangling a certain Newton in my face for a few months now but keeps telling me that they won't sell, trade or anything else to me because they like the cover. Damn frustrating. I've been paying over the odds to get a decent collection up and I'll keep doing so (mind you paying over the odds means I've been taking advantage of more than once). It's come down to me buying Newtons from America(!) and in the process I've amassed a decent collection of spares - so if anyone has anything here then get in touch and let's work a deal.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: #2 ; #3; #4
DAREDEVIL, THOR & THE X-MEN: (not numbered)
DOCTOR STRANGE: #5; #11; #12; #13; #14
DRACULA: #2; #4; #7; #11; #14
ORIGINS OF GREAT MARVEL COMIC HEROES: blue variant cover (as seen on the right)
PLANET OF THE APES: giveaway comic that was issued in the Sunday Observer
TEAM-UP: #1; #2

I'm going to re-start the series over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out. Feel free to send over nice, high res-scans of anything you might have Newton related - it all adds up to completing the picture of what happened and when. I can almost sense a book in all of this, a major article at least. Pity that none of the American magazine publishers are interested though, but then that's to be expected I guess. I expect that one day I'll have more than enough to publish my own little book on this company...


Kevin Patrick said…
Hi Daniel - That list of remaining Newton titles you need to complete your collection is amazing! There are more than a few titles hear that I've never even heard of, let alone seen - and I started reading Newton Comics while they were still in business back in 1975/76, so I thought I'd seen most of them.

That 'Origins of Great Marvel Comics Heroes' - I think I've posted elsewhere on your blog that this 'blue cover variant' might have been the one I used to have when I was a kid? But I recall you mentioning, or posting an image of this same comic, with a different colour scheme?

Yes, I think there's definitely a major article (if not a mini self-published book) about Newton Comics in the making here!

- Kevin Patrick
Robert Thomas said…
Daniel, looking forward to the rest of the Newton blog series. The detail so far for each issue has been amazing and well done!

As for your wants list:

Daredevil #3 & #4?

I am not convinced these exist but would be glad to be proven wrong (there have been a few issues, which I never believed existed, turn up in the last few years).

In FF4#15 (March '76) there is indeed an advert for Daredevil #3 with a cover date of April '76. The cover and story depicts Daredevil's first encounter with the Purple Man.

In the same issue there is an ad for Hulk #16 also cover dated April '76. The cover depicts the Hulk and the Sandman, drawn by Herb Trimpe and titled, "Where Shift The Burning Sands."

I believe that both these issues were intended to be released as part of their on-going titles in April '76. The cover mock-ups had already been prepared and ready for publishing as shown in the ads.

However, Newton Comics went on hiatus for 4-5 months and both these stories eventually saw print in Newton Spectacular and Newton 4-In-1 in August '76.

The only Newton comic I have ever seen with an April '76 cover date is Dracula #13. The contents/Marvel Mailbag/letters reflect the March '76 editions. I presume that this issue was published very late in the March schedule.

Has anyone ever seen the "Free King Size Super Hero Posters" as advertised in the August '76 issues? I have never come across any of these with the poster included. Looking at the uninterrupted page count of these issues, I suspect they were never included unless as an unattached insert?

Anyway, keep up the good work!
Danny said…
Robert: I'm taking a punt on DD #3 & 4 because I firmly believe that the contents were rounded up and issued as the Daredevil Special. But as you've pointed out as time passes more of the Newtons are turning up that people didn't think existed. Same with the Hulk #16 - more than likely it doesn't exist, but you just never know. Remember: when I spoke to John Cornielle he was insistent that the Swap Card Album was never issued. Come ot think of it there's a few comics listed on my list that I just don't believe exist in this day and age because I doubt they got published.

I'll scan the ads for some of those missing issues and post those so people can at least see what the covers (might have) looked like.

Out of all of the stuff I've listed I doubt I'll ever even see the Sunday Observer give-away - the Melbourne State Library never even got back to me with my requests. I'll check with them again next time I'm over there (hopefully in the next few weeks or so) but I think they're not that fussed about digging material out for a guy in Adelaide.

I recall someone (perhaps Peter Ivan?) telling me that the giant posters were indeed inserts.

Kevin: I'd love to get a few heads together and actually do a book on the Newton Comics because I believe it'd sell. It wouldn't sell a million and become the DaVinci Code of the comic book world, but people would buy it - I've had more than enough hits here and comments both on the site and via email to prove that. I might have to think a bit more about it and if I can get some free time in the schedule then I'll start working on something. All I'd need is someone to publish/distribute it and I'd be set to go. Luckily there's enough people around who worked there at the time who remember stuff and there's a few of us who've done some serious research - it could happen easily.

I recall you talking about the blue 'Origins' cover earlier? Anyway Robert sent me the scan and it's on the list. Classic eh? You can almost see them sitting there going, "Shit - we had a printing problem and half the run is rooted." only to have Newton walk in and say, "Put it out anyway - no-one will notice." He was probably right too.
Robert Thomas said…
Daniel: If you do manage to get to Melbourne, I recommend that you try a round trip and include Canberra as a stopover on the way there or back.

Go to the National Library and there they have every Sunday Observer ever printed in bound volumes. I was only able to spend a half day there and since I was rushed for time, I am sure I missed some Newton /advertising info.

I recall that while the staff were very helpful, there seemed to be some copyright/copying problem and I couldn't actually get copies that day. I remember telling a librarian that Maxwell Newton was no longer around to ask for copyright permission and that no-one held copyright since the Sunday Observer no longer existed. (Although today's Melbourne Observer probably holds these rights) Also, the bound volumes were so large and cumbersome, they couldn't be taken to the photocopier and copied without damaging the spine or violating some OHS rule or something like that. The librarian suggested I take photos of the pages with a digital camera! In the end, I quickly jotted down some dates and page numbers. When I got back home I made an on-line order for some of the pages I had noted (fee involved) I received some photocopies in the mail of the pages I had requested. I only have a fraction of all the pages I had noted at National Library.

Yes, Peter also informed me that he recalls having the King-Size Hulk Poster (cover of #2) coming from one the comics, but couldn't remember which one?

Interestingly, this web-site:

based in Texas, had some Newton Comics in their inventory (now out of stock - thanks to me :) ) but the listing is still there. At the website, go to Megastore and then do a search by publisher. You will find 2 entries each for Newton Spectacular, Newton Triple Action and Newton 4-In-1, one entry with poster, the other without. At the time I made the purchase, the issues with posters were already listed as out of stock. But an indication at least that these posters might exist.

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