More Newtons: Missing Newtons Part I

Back into the Newtons and this time I thought I'd cover two issues that I've touched upon with Robert Thomas in my comments section for the previous post - the 'missing' issues of Daredevil (recently updated) and The Incredible Hulk (recently updated). As far as I'm aware neither of these two issues actually exist or got anywhere near past the mock-up stage. The two black and white cover images you see come from Fantastic Four #15 where they featured on ad pages. Cover dated April 1976 they were shelved, along with virtually every other Newton Comic, when the company ceased production for the second time around (the first being in late December 1975/early January 1976). When production was restarted these issues had more than likely already been scrapped and the contents reassigned to two of the 100 page 'specials'. It'd be great to find the cover mock-ups though and even better to see if those issues actually did get made.

Other 'lost' issues could possibly include a Spider-Man/Thor Annual and issues #16, #17 & #18 of The Avengers. Those titles and numbers were amongst a list of books that a former Newton staffer wrote down in his work book at the time. That, along with other relevant information, was eventually passed down to Robert Thomas (who more than kindly passed the same information onto me). I can't find any book with that title of Spider-Man/Thor, although the early Spider-Man issues did feature Thor as a back-up story, so it is possible that the staffer in question got slightly confused at the time. Where he got issue #18 of The Avengers from is anyone's guess, although the email does state The Avengers #14 and then #18, so, again, it is possible that the numbers were confused. However I am convinced that at least the following issues (if not more) were probably prepared/scheduled but never released:
#18 of Spider-Man
#16 of The Avengers
#13 of Conan
#16 of Fantastic Four
#7 of Silver Surfer
#7 of X-Men

I'm also now convinced that #18 of Planet Of The Apes was issued, only it wasn't numbered. What became the 'blue' cover special ('Apes Who Are Slaves') was likely that issue, meaning that the follow up issue, 'Kingdom On An Island Of The Apes' could possibly be issue #19 of that title. It would explain the hand-written production notes that exist in some issues.

There are more Newtons that were advertised for release and over the next week or so (as I update sections of the Newtons) I'll start listing them and seeing if I can't track down more cover images.


Date: April 1976

Killgrave, The Unbelievable Purple Man! by Stan Lee, Joe Orlando & Vinnie Colletta (Daredevil #4)
Out Of Hell - A Hero by Archie Goodwin, George Tuska and Billy Graham (Luke Cage, Hero For Hire #1)

As with any of these 'lost' Newtons I can only hazard a guess as to what might have been scheduled to appear and why. As the cover for Daredevil #3 is the same as the USA DD #4 then it'd stand to logical reason that the story would also be the same. Also the contents of issue #2 were the same as issue #3 (USA - still with me?) so a follow on might be in order.

The back-up story would probably also follow on. Newton had been reprinting the 1st issue of Luke Cage - Hero For Hire over the first two issues of Daredevil and had managed to print 10 pages from that story. As the original story had a page count of 23 pages again, it'd stand to reason that they'd continue with it.

The Unbelievable Purple Man was eventually printed in Newton Spectacular #1.


Date: April 1976

Where Fall The Shifting Sands? by Stan Lee, Herb Trimpe & Dan Adkins (Incredible Hulk #113)
Nowhere To Go But Down by Steve Gerber, Val Mayerik & Sal Trapani (Man Thing #2)

Again, guess work. As with Daredevil #3 it stands to reason that the cover image - reprinted from Hulk #113 (USA) would reflect what appeared on the inside cover. As the previous issue, #15, started to reprint the second issue of Man Thing and had managed to print 7 pages out of (an overall) 19 the guess of that continuing would be a good one.

Where Falls The Shifting Sands was eventually printed in Newton Four-In-One.


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