More Newtons: Daredevil


Date: January 1976.

Contents: The Origin Of Daredevil by Stan Lee and Bill Everett (Daredevil #1)
Out Of Hell - A Hero by Archie Goodwin, George Tuska and Billy Graham (Luke Cage, Hero For Hire #1).

The free poster was The Amazing Spider-Man.

This was a short-run title consisting of two issues only with a third advertised but more than likely not getting past the proof stage. There was a Daredevil Special and I have seen a Daredevil, Thor & The X-Men as a special also but to date I've yet to see them or get any details of their contents.


Date: March 1976

Contents: Daredevil Battles The Owl, Ominous Overlord Of Crime by Stan Lee, Joe Orlando & Vince Colletta (Daredevil #3)
Out Of Hell - A Hero by Archie Goodwin, George Tuska & Billy Graham (Luke Cage, Hero For Hire #1)

The poster for this issue was also of Spider-Man. The issue also had an iron on transfer as a back cover (Captain America).


Date: April 1976

Killgrave, The Unbelievable Purple Man! by Stan Lee, Joe Orlando & Vinnie Colletta (Daredevil #4)
Out Of Hell - A Hero by Archie Goodwin, George Tuska and Billy Graham (Luke Cage, Hero For Hire #1)

This issue probably doesn't exist. As with any of the 'lost' Newtons I can only hazard a guess as to what might have been scheduled to appear and why. As the cover for Daredevil #3 is the same as the USA DD #4 then it'd stand to logical reason that the story would also be the same. Also the contents of issue #2 were the same as issue #3 (USA - still with me?) so a follow on might be in order.

The back-up story would probably also follow on. Newton had been reprinting the 1st issue of Luke Cage - Hero For Hire over the first two issues of Daredevil and had managed to print 10 pages from that story. As the original story had a page count of 23 pages again, it'd stand to reason that they'd continue with it.

Newton Spectacular #1 reprinted Daredevil #4
Origins Of Great Marvel Heroes reprinted Daredevil #1


Robert Thomas said…
Daniel, POTA #17 was issued with a number and dated August 1976. Have you seen this issue before? The cover is the same one as the US POTA #14.

Contents are "Escape From the POTA" adaptation, Doug Moench and Mike Ploog's terrific "Terror.." series and Mike Sutton's 2nd "Future Chronicles" installment.

I would consider the un-numbered blue covered "Apes Who Are Slaves" special as #18 since it continues the "Escape..." and "Conquest..." adaptations from #17.
Danny said…
Yep, you're right - I got my numbers mixed up. All fixed now.
Darrel said…
As it happens I've got a copy of the 75c Daredevil Special. Here's the contents:

"Mysterious Masked Matador!" (Stan Lee/Wally Wood) DD5.

"The Stiltman Cometh!" (Stan Lee/Wally Wood) DD8.

"That He May See!" (Stan Lee/Wally Wood/Bobby Powell) DD9.

"Sightless In A Savage Land!" (Stan Lee/Jack Kirby/John Romita) DD12.

"The Secret Of Ka-Zar's Origin!" (Stan Lee/Jack Kirby/John Romita) DD13. This story ends abruptly at page 10 - it was probably a 20pg story originally.

The cover is from DD14 ("If This Be Justice!", John Romita), so naturally it has nothing to do with any of the stories in the issue. Ya gotta love Newton :)

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