Continuing The Continuing The Continuing Saga Of The Hotel

It's about to hit the poo. Royally.

For those within Australia, watch A Current Affair tonight. You'll see what I mean... Both channels chased us but in the end we went with Nine due to a personal connection - one of my pals works for them in Victoria. Good guy. So the taping went smoothly and hopefully they won't make us look too foolish or bad in the editing. If nothing else the whole process was an interesting experience and the commercials did make me chuckle.

It made for a fascinating experience because I already knew how these things are done, but the other half had no idea. We left our place at 12:30pm and started the physical taping at about 12:50pm. We wrapped at that location (we didn't allow them to film here due to security reasons - anyone who knows where the other half works will quickly realise the reasons why) at around 3:00pm and then went into the city where we were filmed walking past the actual hotel until 3:30pm. I expect that the three odd hours, including about 90 minutes of interviews and film, will be diluted down to around 90 seconds to 2 minutes of air-time, so there you go. Still it opened her eyes for sure.

One of the things that we did discuss was the culpability of running a blog and if the author is responsible for what they write as it's published. My answer is of course. However there are degrees. Journalist can get away with a fair bit in this regard because they're paid to express their views and the views of the community as a whole. As a professional writer I can also claim to be a journalist (read my interviews and article - vastly different to a book, plus this blog itself at times) however the blog might have fallen into a grey area due to the fact that, although there is a PayPal button at top, it has to be proved that I've been paid for my opinions here.

Sorted now. As of this morning six people have paid me to maintain this blog and for my the opinions and views expressed here. They know who they are and that covers that loophole. Mind this whole thing is amazing Americans and other people not in Australia - my pal Norm Breyfogle summed it up perfectly when he wrote me the following:

I can't believe the shitstorm that's being kicked up over your less than stellar treatment at that hotel. In the USA the hotel would simply apologise and discipline its employees if necessary. The hotel is bound to lose if they don't exemplify the attitude of hospitality expected from a member of the "hospitality industry."
Couldn't agree more. Why are the hotel going this hard? Because I whinged? Because I called one of the staff as nasty name (which I've already apologised for and did so again, to camera, yesterday and will do so once more - hey - sorry for that name, I did take it down pretty much straight away because I felt it'd be taken out of context and might be a tad hurtful)? Because I referred to them as 'wankers'? If you went to a sporting event and heard later that someone referred to the crowd as a pack of unruly wankers on TV does that mean you can sue? Good luck with it. Who knows why they sent the threatening letter (although those reasons mentioned are all highlighted in the last paragraph). I believe it's because I went public and in doing so they believe I've damaged their reputation. I doubt that highly. I doubt that business has suffered or been reduced because of my blog, and even after tonight things won't change in that department. I'll say this though, I don't scare too easily so they can throw all the veiled threats they want at me. My account wasn't misleading and I'd love to hear what their staff had to say, not that I ever will.

I am truly touched by the outpouring of support, not only here but from overseas as well. It means more than I can ever say, and guys - you're the tops. Wait til tomorrow morning, I expect the blog to be almost buried under the overload.

Again, guys this could have been easily fixed with a simple phone call. And to those who left comments? Keep 'em coming, it's funny how the bulk of you missed the point entirely and continue to keep missing it. You make me laugh.


Damn, I missed it tonight. Did anyone tape it?
Danny said…
Tonight old cock, tonight. I'll be taping it...oooeeerrrr

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