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Goodbye, Dave – A Final, Deluxe Tribute

This just arrived in the email today from Clifford Meth.

Dave Cockrum, the best friend that Aardwolf ever had, has passed away at the young age of 63. We already miss him deeply.

Aardwolf previously announced a special reprint of The Uncanny Dave Cockrum Tribute in hardcover, but over the past six months we’ve worked with Dave to complete the project. Edited by Clifford Meth, this beautifully bound new book will contains over 20 pages of new, original Cockrum artwork as well as art contributions from Dave’s many peers, including Neal Adams, George Perez, Walt Simonson, John Romita, Marie Severin, Joe Kubert, Will Eisner, Travest Charest, Joe Quesada, Jim Lee, Dave Gibbons, and many more; written tributes to Dave by Stan Lee, Roy Thomas, Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore, Harlan Ellison, Marv Wolfman, Len Wein, Chris Claremont, and Peter David.

200 Special Editions will include unique, ORIGINAL Dave Cockrum drawings bound into the book. This book is being published in cooperation with the Dave Cock…

First Annual Fantastic Festive BBQ

So here's the official invite to our first Fantastic Festive Feast/BBQ. That took me about five minutes to whip up in PhotoShop. You might need to click on it to appreciate the detail. I've sent it out to the people we wanna invite - but hey, feel free to ask and I'll think about it. Nut cases not rquired as we'll have a fairly good compliment of crazy bastards on site.

Funnily enough that's about all I can do today, oh, that and watch the cricket. Somehow I've managed to injure my shoulder and it's making writing a pain that's intolerable. No transcribing for me for the duration, which is a pain in itself because the amount of tapes I have here to catch up on is starting to depress me.

Say It Ain't So, I Want Mah VoVo

Well colour me stunned!!! Just last week I discovered that Iced VoVos were selling for a measly $1 per packet, well down from the usual $2.50+. So, here I am, buying up all the VoVos I could afford and BANG!! they're gone! And even worse - in their place is a sign saying, 'Discontinued'. How could this happen? It's not like it's a horrid little biscuit, like Ginger Snaps (they're bloody foul), a VoVo is an almost perfect tasty treat - biscuit base, jam (not bloody jelly - it's JAM, you idiot*. You're in Australia now. And while I'm at it which cretin renamed Peanut Paste Peanut Butter? And Lemon Spread is now Lemon Butter? Give me a freaking break!) and piles of coconut. You can always tell when someone has eaten a packet of VovVos - they're sleepy, content and covered in coconut residue.

SAY IT AIN'T SO, JOE!!! If Arnotts have canceled the manufacture of Iced VoVos then it'll be time for a palace revolution. Rise up, people of Australia,…

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