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The Comic Cartoonist's Workbook

I'll be upfront, as I always am, and state right here, right now that I have a connection with the author of The Comic Cartoonist's Workbook, Steven Bové. I first ran across Steven on Michael Netzer's old forums (now his new forums) and I'm sure that, as is the way with Mike's forums, we probably started out fighting. Since then he's become a pal and has often posted comments here on this blog. That being said I've come to respect and admire Steven's love for the medium and his dedication to the advancement of the future of comic books. Part of this dedication has seen Steven offer a successful course at his local college for aspiring comic book artists.

Perhaps his best known work, and what should be his legacy, is The Comic Cartoonist's Workbook. This book was compiled, written and published by Steven through his own imprint, BovéWorks, and it follows in the same footsteps as Stan Lee and John Buscema's How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way, The Il…

Marvel UK: Spider-Man Part II

God, what a week. Fremantle finally won a final so that should make Dr Nick a happy man. It's only taken them eleven years, but this was only their third ever final. At least he'll be happier than he was last week, although you'd never have guessed as he was a delight at the wedding, despite me reminding him constantly that his side went down to mine on the same day.

Anyway, down to business.

David Johnson has emailed more of those great UK Marvel covers through for all to see. I know I keep promising to set up separate blogs for this stuff - and I will, just in good time. I'm about to throw in the day job and then things will start happening. In the meantime here's another batch of classic early '70s UK Marvels. See if we can play spot the artist.


Cover date: 30 June, 1973

I know it's not him, but the hands look very much like Jim Mooney.

#20 back cover art

Looks like either Ron Wilson or Jim Starlin. The Kirby like pose is classic Wilson, yet the actual line…

The Krypton Companion Part II: Jim Shooter

I can't stop reading Michael Eury's Krypton Companion. Well written, well researched and a damn good read. Finally a Neal Adams interview that's interesting and not the standard fawning stuff that I've been reading for the past few years (ie: no great mention of his Batman work). In amongst the interviews and articles lurks an interview with Jim Shooter that really raised my hackles. Shooter's story is fairly incredible. For one thing he broke into DC as a writer at the age of thirteen. Amazing really, but that's where the problems for me start. You see Shooter has always been a highly frustrated artist, and not a very good one at that. I can remember asking Don Perlin about an issue of Ghost Rider that Shooter laid out and Perlin finished, Perlin told me that the book needed a lot of work to get it up to publication standard. Shooter had his run ins with Gene Colan, telling him how to draw at Marvel in the early '80s, resulting in Colan leaving Marvel for …

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