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I'm Now Officially An Author

Well I guess this certainly seals it - just in case anyone had any doubts. Still it's a rush to have my first book as a featured book in Previews, and now it's plastered all over Amazon - I mean, what happens if Oprah picks it up as part of her book club? I'll not leap on the chairs, but I might do the Paul Hogan and check under the back of the cushins for change. I guess with this under the belt and two more books on the way I can finally join the South Australian Writers Centre. Whoops, hang about - I've done my writing without a Uni degree.

Damn. Oh well, one day soon.

Is there anyone out there who can design a decent web-site for next to nothing? Want some practice? Get in touch.

Go Out With A Blast

Like everyone else I got emailed a pile of photos regarding the blast today at Pirie Street. Bloody inconsiderate bastard who did it - made my life a bit hellish, but then, funnily enough, the cops on site actually questioned and took away some of our clients - hence a bit of a lower workload.


Anyways, here's the best of the photos that I got.

Rear view - awesome isn't it? Certainly it did the job. Notice that everything is all blown to shit, but the Adelaide City Council's parking meter is bolt upright and probably still working. I'm surprised that there's not a parkie sitting there waiting to fine the fire engines.
You expect to see this kind of thing in Beruit or downtown LA, not Adelaide. Still other than the odd person rumbling about having to walk around the block to get to the pie shop, everyone was fairly casual about it. Just the usual Adelaide gossip machine in full motion. Lots of butt was skuttled.
Roof shot - the whole building will be knocked dow…

Ramble On

It's always interesting to know just how much, or how little, you're valued. I walked into management's office last week to tell them my plans of going part time. HR, in the meantime, had sent me an email informing me that they'd be in touch if ever anything came up that'd suit me, but the management of where I am implored me to remain, 5 days a week, for at least another month. I'm hanging about then as we can use the cash. Nice to know I'm wanted. Now I have to juggle my writing with the day job, but as the insomnia appears to have kicked in again that shouldn't be a problem.

Sunday evening saw us watching TV when a promo came on for the news. "Tonight, we enter day five of the trapped miners oredeal." (yep, very apt as the reporting has been an ordeal). The other half looked over and said, "Oh give it up, they're dead already." Unusually for me I replied, "Well you don't know that. They could have survived, af…

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