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Travelin' Commonwealth Man

Ahhhh the new day has dawned and although it's dawned on my sore shoulders and back, it's off to Melbourne for the weekend. Can't wait to get out there on the open road, point the car in the right direction and just go. I think we both need the break in scenery and there's nothing wrong with living the hotel life for a few days. Does you good to be able to just get up and go without making the beds and the other crap that goes with it - that's why maids get minimum wage. To clean up after messy bastards like me.

Leave today, back Monday afternoon.

I've noticed that there's a general apathy when it comes to the Melbourne Commonwealth Games. I know they're happening and every so often we'll sit and watch them, but seriously, they're just dull. There's nothing there that excites me that much, having said that it was great to see Scott Martin win through and get a gold with his final throw in the discuss - and what a throw it was. Generally thou…


I was fine when I woke up. I trotted off to a job interview and thought, "I'll go back to work early" and so I did. Then I got the dreaded email - I'm off to yet another region for another five weeks. My problem with this is that I know that there's a few long term positions coming up in a region that I'm familiar with and they're familiar with me. However when I requested to go to there I was shot down. I have to go to a region where I don't know anyone, I don't want to be there and from what I've been told is full of dickheads and idiots. Oh joy.

The back started to spasm at that news. I got home feeling worse than I did when I left, so I'm taking the rest of the certificate's advice and staying home today and tomorrow. Then we're off to Melbourne, hopefully to relax a bit, then Tuesday the new region. I feel I'm being hamstrung here, but I have promised myself that if anyone gets into my preferred region and lands a long-term…

That's Far Better

And so it was and still is. I woke up this morning still a bit stiff and sore, but another day of lying flat on my back playing Gameboy, watching DVDs and listening to my vast amounts of music has done the trick. The knot in my back has reduced itself to the size of a marble, the neck is sore but now it's mobile and I do feel both great and yet bored. I actually want to go back to work, be it with the Government or back to writing. I'm tempted to start writing again tonight but I'm going to hold off for the time being - perhaps tomorrow. I'll be going back to work but as my doctor insisted on giving me a week off I expect that I'll be sent home to stew. If so then I'll be editing, polishing and working like a demon on the Mooney book.

In the meantime I've found some gems. Here's one for Chade who seems to enjoy songs about divorce and seperation - you won't find one much better than this effort from Jarvis Cocker and Lush:
I've been so happ…

Out Of Action

The pain just got too much for me, so it was off to the doctors last night. End result? A week of work (last week of a contract too - that won't go down well) due to stress. Oh joy. Mind you I blame both work, my ex going ballistic and a few other factors, but that's life really.

Now I have to sit here, unable to do a lot. I can't spend the time writing solidly because it starts to hurt after a while, so the reality is I'll be sitting around the place, getting some physio and either reading or watching DVDs a lot. That fills me with nothing but dread. I wanna write, I have a few ideas for articles on the boil, so I'll still be working as hard as I can, only I have to pace myself because I want to be right by Friday. Hopefully I can knock the tennis ball of muscle knots in my shoulder out by then and if I can at least turn my head to the right fully then I'll be good to go.

Stress...bloody waste of time. I'll jot down some more as my arms allow it.

Nature Boy

I needed that. Seriously, I did. I left work Friday night in a bastard of a mood. The entire week had been one screw-up after another from Sunday night onwards when our plans went to shit. I've been sent to another office for another two weeks, this time in Elizabeth and, to be honest, it sucks. I hate my job, I hate where I am and I abhor the idiots who phone up who can't even spell their own names or remember when they were born. Oh sheer bloody joy. I negotiated my new leaving time of 4pm, as opposed to 5pm, and trust me, once that clock runs round to 4:15 I am outta there and sitting on the train totally switched off ten minutes later. Nothing against my co-workers, most of whom I admire and who's company I enjoy, but I just can't stand working in a place where some hatchet faced old bag watches over everything I do finding faults that aren't there. Add to that a psychopathic ex who thinks it's fine to keep me in the dark and just throw shit at me when she …

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