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Q&A SESSION: Marvel's Tom Brevoort On Essentials

After whinging about the quality of Marvel's Essential range in a previous post I thought it might be a good idea to approach one of the main editors at Marvel and fire off some questions. Without further ado, please welcome Tom Brevoort.

ACAB: Why is it that DC can issue an Essential style reprint book with crystal clear reproduction on material dating back to the 1950s, yet Marvel issue a reprint book - in this case Essential Spectacular Spider-Man Vol II with three of the worst efforts at reproduction that I've ever seen - and that on material from the '80s. What are DC doing that Marvel isn't?
TOM BREVOORT: It's not a question of what DC might be doing that Marvel isn't per se. In both cases, it's a question of what reproduction materials are available. DC has this problem too--which is why all of the covers in that HOUSE OF MYSTERY volume were shot from the printed books; they don't have good reproduction materials for most of their vintage covers. I…

Norwood Bogan Fest 2006

Well that's another one gone, and thank Christ for that. Each year here in Norwood we have the Food & Wine Festival, or as we've come to know it, the Annual Bogan Fest. What started out as a refined and decent wine and food gathering has turned into a nightmare.

If you get there early enough it's not too bad. You can wander down the street (we started at the Bath and worked our way down past Mantos) even though it's more than slightly packed and it's great for people watching. Two glasses of wine, that'll be $20 thanks. Suffice to say we drank only the two glasses and wandered off home - for $20 for a Chardonnay I can buy a bottle and get suitable sauced.

At about 6pm the Bogans and Schlappers* come out in full force. That's when the noise levels rise (we're located just behind the Parade so we get it all night) and the night is full of the sounds of breaking bottles, bad music, screaming, yelling, talking and just general mayhem. We don't let the…

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