Trip: Day I, Post II: Redruth

It's now 9:00pm and I'm finally kicking back with a frosty Heineken. The other half is soaking herself in the tub, and we're staying in one of the best places you could ever hope to stay in Burra - I'll have to take a photo of it. It's great - a complete cottage on the outskirts of town. Quuiet? You can hear the night fall here. BLISS!!!

Before we arrived we popped by Redruth Gaol. Mind you Redruth is a stones throw from where we are, so it wasn't a great effort.

Front of Redruth Gaol. Anyone who has ever seen the movie Breaker Morant will instantly recognise the building in the photo as it was used for the prison in that movie. Why? Because it looked the part! Me? I kept expecting to see Edward Woodward to pop up from around the corner. Rule .303 indeed!

When we got there it was firmly closed up, but I wasn't about to allow that to stop me from getting some photos of the inside courtyards of the building. So how did I do it? Well the answer was logical to me but once I started doing it the other half was impressed and stated that she'd never have thought of anything so inventive. Here's a hint - if you study the two photos carefully it should become obvious. More hints: I didn't break anything, I didn't climb any walls, didn't break and enter and remained on the outside of the building at all times, with the camera in my hands, no holes in the wall exist and at no time did I do anything that might be against the law. Hey - it can be done...
So tomorrow we're off to Terowie and then driving around to see what we can't find and photograph. Plenty of good ruins up that way. More as we do it.


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