Trip: Day I, Post I

Beautiful!!! We've finally arrived in Burra after leaving home at 10am this morning. It took this long because we clearly stopped along the way, several cemeteries later we finally found what I was looking for - RUINS!!! More on them later, and photos, but for now let this whet your appetitie.

We found one located somewhere between Kapunda and Taree. Beats me where, but I did manage to jump the fence and run through a paddock covered in cow-shit, which dotted the feild like landmines. I finally hit the top and snapped off some great shots - the back of this house was built into the side of the hill itself, making for the rear of the house being somewhat lower than the front.

We found another brilliant one just outside of Burra itself. Great place- HUGE high roof. Several rooms, no floor, three fireplaces and a large cellar that contained my arch enemy - not a farmer with a shotgun but a swarm of bees. Took some quick shots and managed to get back to the car unstung. Again, more to come later.

The cemeteries have all been brilliant - especially one that was outside of Riverton. Brilliant entry to the cemetery itself - which I'll post tonight or tomorrow - and a great sense of foreboding. Not to be outdone was the Kapunda cemetery. Reportedly one of the most haunted cemeteries in South Australia this one didn't let us down, it came complete with footsteps and a figure that we could only see out of the corner of the eye...both of us knew we were being watched. No great surprise there and I'll tell you why in a few hours or so.

Right now we're packing up after taking a break with some excellent ice choccies out of the front of Gaslight Collectables And Old Books, Gourmet Coffees and Devonshire Teas. Yep, that's the name. Now we're off to the Burra cemetary and Redruth Jail - the scene for most of the movie Breaker Morant. As always photos will be taken.



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