Feline Torture

Ok, so what's with the ex-mouse? Are we bored today? Not really, just kicking back and taking things too damn easy. However after looking at Merlin, and more to the point having him smell like the image opposite, we decided to bath him.

Merlin's natural colour is grey, just like the dead mouse, however of late he's become a nice shade of brown. No good. Last time he browned up we washed him and he refused to speak to us, or interact, for a good fortnight. This time we went all out and filled the bathroom sink with warm water and shampoo first, and then collared the little grey bugger. Was he happy? You can bet cash that he wasn't.

Still it took the pair of us to both hold and wash him. The struggles and yowls were incredible - you'd have thought we were chopping him up and getting the wok ready instead of trying to get the lovely scent of Old Mice out of his fur. Ole Merle can be a stupid cat at times. Clearly water, soap and cat all adds to a special kind of feline torture.

The end result? Well as I sit and write this the idiot's been busily licking himself dry for the past 30 minutes. He refuses to look at me (wasn't my idea!), won't pose for a decent photo and he's seemingly insistent on getting outside, presumably so he can roll in the dirt and any other crap he can find out there. Pity he won't be clean this time tomorrow, although for at least a few hours he'll be a lovely shade of grey once more (thus giving Robert Smith's theory that all cats are grey at night substance) and he'll remind us just exactly what colour he is. Although can someone explain to me how a wet tongue can dry a wet cat? That one is beyond me right now.

Alas poor Merlin. I smelt him, Horatio.

NOTE: No mice were harmed in the making of this post. We found the image on the net, someone else snuffed the rodent, so don't come squealing to me. No Merlins were harmed either, but washing him is just as good.


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