First Salvo's Danger's Dozen

We're just sitting outside testing the new wireless broadband card and the laptop when I got a message from First Salvo's publisher Thad Branco informing me that twenty pages of the new comic, Danger's Dozen, have been finished and work has begun on the second issue. What's amazing about this is that the book, with the most incredible artwork from Norm Breyfogle, has yet to be landed at a publisher!!! That hasn't stopped Thad from posting the cover art and the first five pages - you can see them here.

Personally I feel this is some of Norm's finest work. The man keeps getting better and better as the years go past. He's not content to sit back and wait for work to come to him, and unlike some more famous artists (initials JB) he's not taking shortcuts with his work or turning in crap just to fulfil a contract. His commission work is just as good, again no shortcuts and only his best will do. I remember commissioning him to ink a Jack Kirby commission, Norm replied that he'd like to do two versions, one true to Kirby's pencils and the other as he'd ink it normally (fixing what he saw was wrong). Of course I said yes and now I have two stunning Kirby/Breyfogle commissions for the wall. Add to that his reluctance to send out a book with a simple head sketch (and let's face it, I've seen head sketches that consist of five lines), Norm will do full bodied, detailed sketches and charge peanuts for them. He's just that nice a guy.

I can't see Danger's Dozen being without a publisher for much longer. It's just too good a comic, as a complete package of writing and art, for publishers to ignore. Hopefully there might be an announcement soon about this book and you'll be able to buy it in the stores before too long. I know I'll be buying copies.

Now back to the sunlight and the sounds, smells and sensations of a lovely spring day here in Adelaide. Nice to know the modem works too because it'll be put into use when we travel to Melbourne next month.


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