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Not sure about how you chose to work during the day, but I thought that at least two people might be interested in seeing my work station, or at least, my work station during the warmer months. As it is I'm writing this blog from where I'm sitting, which is outdoors, in the sunlight on a warm day. Mind you writing this blog also means I'm avoiding work, but as that work is transcribing, well I can afford to avoid that for the time being - I know I'll catch it up.

You can see the tools I'm working with - lap-top, wireless broadband card, cordless phone, drink, tapes and my most valued co-worker, Merlin FeLine. I intend to use that name on projects where I have to remain nameless for whatever reason.

The Merle is a great chum to have around when I'm working. He knows when I've worked enough and will run up and down the stairs and wail for food. I've often thought of having a TV show called "My Name Is Merle - I'm Just Trying To Be A Better Cat" but that would be misleading as Merlin has no desire at all to be a better cat, just less of a pain in the butt. And he fails at that at times as well.

The phone, well the reason Merlin is looking at it in photo one is because as the camera clicked the phone rang. Another bloody telemarketer. This one told me that his name was Jack Torsen, calling me from #222 Collins Street in Melbourne, from some mob of idiots called Discount Premium Holidays. As is my want I told him I knew he was lying, that his name wasn't Jack Torsen and he wasn't calling me from Melbourne. I challenged him to look out the window and tell me what the weather was like in Melbourne but he insisted that he's an honest man and just wanted to tell me the great deal (for a measly $109 registration fee he was going to send me a voucher book for discount hotel rates in Pakistan. Me. Pakistan. Ummmm nope, not just yet). I told ole Jackie boy that if he told me his real name and where he was calling from I'd listen. Finally, after about 5 minutes he admitted that his name wasn't Jack Torsen and that he was calling me from New Delhi. I then asked for his name, adding that I'd be taking things further - he informed me that he 'wasn't authorized to tell me' his name. I told him that he was clearly far from being an honest man as he'd lied to me from the start. I then asked how many little old ladies had he conned on this lovely day. He didn't like that and started to tell me that he's a very honest man. With that I hung up.

So, lesson learnt. If they call you, just tell them you'll listen if they tell you where they're calling from. Nine times out of ten they'll just hang up and never call back.

Either way it's a win-win situation. Still, when you visit their web-site you see a very interesting document indeed. Halfway down the page is posted an apology for dodgy telemarketing practices. It would appear that they've yet to learn their lessons in that regard, oh well, you have to wonder about a company who has to phone and badger you into buying their shitty product in the first place.

Out of interest The Merle is wandering around, making himself known to me and sitting on the table. At least the guy next door is throwing his garbage out, which means The Merle has no desire to leap over the fence and go exploring, as he does, all too often. I'm sure someone around is growing something they shouldn't be because more than once he's wandered in, eating food and then carrying on like an idiot gone wrong. Such is life.


Gothqueen said…
That's our Merlin! You captured his 'perplexed' look that he often has beautifully!

Now you have to capture the worried expression, the 'it wasn't me' expression, the Fang, the 'if you come any closer I'll rip your hand off' expression, the 'I've found the catnip' expression and the 'I'm wailing incessantly just to be an annoying little shit' expression.

Good Luck :-)
Trish said…
Looks like a very comfortable setting, much better than any office I've worked in.

Your Merlin looks very much like my cat Sooty
Anonymous said…
you just gotta love Merlin! What an expression!

Nick Caputo

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