The Wedding

Oh, and this has also managed to keep me occupied. I fully intend to write a nice, long piece about the day, but in the meantime here's two photos and some comments.

It rained for pretty much all the week leading up to the ceremony. Then it rained on the day. It was a grey day and we both thought, "Jeez..." Funny thing happened. We walked into the gardens (we got married at the Botanical Gardens here in Adelaide) and the sun broke free and shone down for the entire ceremony. I kid you not - you can't make that stuff up. The photos, and there's a few because the people who were there were just awestruck, all show this bright sun behind us. I loved it. I bowed my head as we walked in because, quite frankly, emotion was getting the better of me. The spell was enhanced as we walked past my lad and he whispered, "I'm on the job Dad." The job he had was to make sure his uncle Ronald behaved. I'm convinced that Ronald put him up to it, but it made me chuckle (the first chuckle of many) and helped me through.

Awwwww a pair of happy idiots. I love that Nehru suit so much I'm gonna wear at every opportunity I get. I wish someone had told me that my hair had fallen in such a way that I resemble the bastard child of Tim Robbins and Butch Patrick.

More to come.


Allan said…
Awwwww... Congratulations! Looks fabulous.
Anonymous said…
Congratulations on your marriage and success!
I came upon your name on the Friends Reunited site and was interested in finding out more about the book you had mentioned in your profile so I googled your name and came across this blog. I haven't put my name as I had my doubts that you'd want to hear from me, we didn't go to school together by the way. It's great to see you're doing so well and I have enjoyed reading your blog, you write beautifully.
Danny said…
Well there's only way to find out if I wanna speak to you - fire me down an email and find out.

I'm fairly calm these days and there's not too many people I'd refuse to speak to, and those who I would wouldn't be posting on my blog anyway and they'd certainly not be praising me...heh
Anonymous said…
email sent to bigpond address
Clifford Meth said…
I am soooo sorry we've fallen out of touch...but deepest congrats and best wishes. May the Al-mighty shine upon you both. --Clifford Meth
Sharn said…
Well, bugger me! Congratulations you two crazy kids!! How very grown up of you both. I'm quite literally overawed by the whole thing.

I'm so happy for you and wish you both a lifetime (and some) of enormous love, understanding and comfort.

Where the hell does one find your email address nowadays? My work address is no more (as may already have discovered) so it's all from home now.
Danny said…
How does one find my email address? One goes to my main site ( and one emails me from the link that says, 'Email'.

Simple really.
Foilwoman said…
Danny: Congratulations to you. I hope you will both be very happy.
Dale Sherman said…
Speaking of emails, I've already said this to you via email, but I wanted to say it again here - congrats on the wedding!

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