Steve Irwin: John Byrne's Comments

Well it appears that the comic book industry's favorite dickhead, John Byrne, has been at it again (have a read and see what you think - Byrne really kicks in on about page three). This time, much like Germaine Greer, he's targeted Steve Irwin. It appears that Irwin was an 'asshole' for dying the way he did, and at the end of the day Byrne is glad that he's dead. And all of that on the same day of his death. And why? Because Byrne believes that Irwin used his son to tease a crocodile. I don't know what footage Byrne watched - knowing Byrne he's never seen it and is only going from a photo - but Irwin didn't tease any croc with his son. The lad was in the pen with Irwin while he fed the creature, but never was the lad used as bait for a tease. Also Byrne felt that Irwin should have been more like David Attenborough - a kindly, quiet man who stalked his prey at a very long distance. In short Byrne has missed the point of Irwin's life and career.

As usual when anyone challenged Byrne about his moronic comments he shouted them down by swearing, insults and ultimately by having his pals lock the thread. It's a damn shame that Byrne refuses to engage in public debate, but I expect he knows that he'd lose and lose badly if he did. I don't know why anything this f*cking idiot says surprises me, after all this is the same dipshit that said Christopher Reeve was just an ordinary guy who didn't deserve the outpouring of emotion that he got after his death and that all Latino women look like hookers if they have blonde hair (in relation to Jessica Alba).

Everyone is entitled to their opinions, Byrne has shown more than enough of his for everyone to know what a colossal prick he is. I'm now going to make it a policy not to mention this wanker on this blog again unless a situation absolutely demands it, and I doubt it will outside of a credit for a book he's worked on. It amuses me to see that after all these years of slagging off Marvel he's now reduced to pumping out cover re-creations to make a living. And what covers does he do? Marvel covers of course. Hopefully he's burnt every bridge known to man behind him and the world won't be subjected to his below par work anymore. His latest comments have brought a fairly huge backlash, as expected, with comments from various places. You can read some of them here, here, here and here. I'd not be at all surprised if Byrne doesn't understand why people are constantly offended by him.

Here's a clue for you Byrne - when you're dead there should be dancing in the streets. I doubt that anyone will care once you pop your clogs, because, outside of a few misguided sycophants, no-one cares for you now. You're a narrow-minded, petty, small man. A pathetic little bigoted creature - the world will be a better place for your own passing.


S.Bove said…
Those certainly cannot be the thoughts of a man I’ve long admired and respected. I met John Byrne many years ago and though I can’t say he was very personable he certainly wasn’t disrespectful. What he's saying now is not only inappropriate but also harmful. You and I can name a least one other person who is operating on this level and I agree with your assessment. The less said about either is just.

Fame and the loss of fame can obviously drive a person insane.
Danny said…
The man has always been borderline crazy but in the past few years he seems to have taken steps for the worse. He's become one of those grizzly old men who sit down on the front porch in a rocking chair and sprout their racist, ignorant crap to anyone walking past. Sadly this particular cretin has a following, but then so did Hitler and look where that got him in the end.

No wonder this clueless idiot doesn't attend conventions anymore. He's probably afraid to show his face lest someone smack it.

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