Sleep Deprivation

It's now 5:45am and I've been awake for two hours. Sleep is an oddity for me these days because when the insomnia kicks in it kicks with a vengeance. There's many factors, I've too much work on my plate, the upcoming nuptials and the day job, which is thankfully winding down. As they've broken all their promises there it might be time to start writing on another blog...

It doesn't take much to wake me up. The Legendary Merlin can do it easily enough by yowling to be either let out or let in, depending on his mood. The other half sawing wood in the middle of the night can do it. Anyone moving inside or outside the house can do it. In short, anything can do it. So what woke me up today? It was a doozy. I awoke to the sounds of a female screaming for assistance. The other half woke up and I asked, "You can hear that?" Her response was yes. The screaming continued; "Let me go!! Stop!! I didn't do anything, please let me go!!! HELLLPPPPP!!!!"

The last one got to me, so I suggested that we call the cops and perhaps leave it at that. The other half called the police and I was ready to go back to bed, but the screaming didn't stop. Now two things came to mind - the first being that each time I try to do the right thing in these situations it backfires on me. I've intervened on several occasions and attempted to the right thing, the good thing, the noble thing only to have people spit at me, attack me, and in one case, after chasing down a serial rapist in Melbourne, I got arrested for mistaken identity. That makes me hesitant, but being a student of history and also being aware of the Kitty Genovese Syndrome I told the other half I'd pop down for a look.

I got to the end of the driveway and could hear more screaming and a low male voice saying, "Shut up bitch or you'll get worse," and the female sobbing for help. By now I was in two minds, do I continue on or go back inside and get my trusty pal to come and help. Call me an idiot, I went on. I stepped outside of the property and wandered into the carpark next door where I could see two cabs and a screaming woman. Now I'm thinking about recent headlines, and the fact that there's at least two of them and one of me. Still it was 3:45am and I was pissed off for being woken up, so I figured the odds were more than slightly on my side. As I walked in one cab left, nearly knocking me over. I walked up to the girl and asked, "You alright?" She then started to scream some gibberish about being in the cab with two guys who did a runner, stealing her purse and mobile phone. The cabbie then grabbed her, starting the altercation. I looked at the cabbie and asked, "Have you called the cops?"
"Why?" was the response.
"Because I have. If you've not called them then I suggest you better do so now pal."

The cabbie looked a bit upset and was holding the girl's handbag. He started in on me, "It's not my fault. This bitch tried to leave without paying. Who's gonna pay? You gonna pay?" I stood still, "Nope, I ain't paying for anything bub, however this idiot (I pointed at the STILL screaming girl) is waking up the neighborhood. So let's all calm down and wait for the cops." He made a move to the inside of the his cab, so I stepped closer, "C'mon bub, don't be silly."
"I am calling the police."
"Good." I say that because I'm thinking, when we called them we didn't know where this was all going down, so the cops don't know where I am. I'm in a dark car park, with a mad, drunken woman and an angry little cabbie. Not the best situation, but I'm dead sure I can take them both out if need be. Just then the second cab cruised back past so I say, "Oi! Tell your pal to fuck off. If he comes back in here then I'm slamming the door on your head. Got it?"
"He is seeing if I am alright."
"I don't give a shit what he's doing pal. Piss him off or you won't be alright." He got the drift and waved the second cab off. I hate being the 'tough guy', but sometimes you do what you have to do.

Meanwhile I'm trying to calm the screaming, drunken girl down. "Look at me, calm down! I've called the cops, but if they get here and you're screaming and carrying on like a dickhead then you're the one who's gonna get busted. Now settle." etc etc. Didn't work. She looked relieved to see me, but once she realised I wasn't going to leap in, beat the cabbie to a pulp and get her purse back (sorry love, you weren't that attractive), well, then the screaming started once more. The story I got from her was that her pals had jumped out of the cab as it slowed down, did a runner and, presumably for shits and giggles, stole her purse and phone, leaving her drunk, with no money, at the mercy of the cabbie. Great pals that. If I had chums like that I'd happily push them under the next bus.

By this time I'm in a quandary, I can't leave or she'll keep screaming and perhaps the cabbie might do something he shouldn't. I have to wait for the cops, luckily it's a fairly warmish night so standing in my t-shirt and pants I won't freeze. The girl starts to settle and FINALLY the fuzz arrive. They get out of the car, torches on and walk over. I turned to one and said, "All yours," and started walking. The cop looked over, "Where are you going?"
"Back to bed." With that I trotted back home, the screaming stopped and I now stop caring. But the damage is done. I'm awake for the rest of the day.

Thanks for that. I should have decked them both just to get some peace and quiet. Mind you, how many other people came to see what was happening?


Not a soul. People don't care anymore today than what they did back in New York City in 1964. I know that we weren't the only people to have been woken up by her screaming, I'm sure there were people in the cemetary telling her to shut up. So why don't people care anymore? Or did they ever care? Beats me. All I know is that I'm very aware that what I did was probably stupid, I walked into an unknown situation without any back-up (but knowing that the cops should be cruising the streets and would eventually find me) and unarmed. Silly me. However I sized the situation up and knew that I could get out if need be - not once was backed into a corner and never would I allow that to happen. Still, it all worked out ok and that's the main thing.

Isn't it? I still want to sleep.


Tim said…
All those comics are making you act heroic! Good for you!

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