Of Bitter Souls Trade Paperback: Signed & Sketched & For Sale

For those who like to collect nice, pretty signed things, Norm Breyfogle is offering up what must be the deal of the year. For a mere $25 - and that INCLUDES the postage (a little extra for overseas orders) Norm will send you a brand spanking' new trade paperback that includes the first six issues of the brilliant series Of Bitter Souls, signed on the front cover and complete with a sketch. I've included three examples of the sketches that Norm has done in books that have already gone out. Supplies are limited so get in fast.

You can order from this link.

Anarky. Created by Alan Grant and Norm. As you can see Norm isn't doing the standard trick of an 'included sketch' and just doodling a rough little head sketch - Norm is doing damn good full sized covention sketches. Norm usually sells such sketches at conventions for more than he's offering the entire package here for.

Batman. This is Norm's signature character and even his rough sketch shows that he's lost none of his chops when it comes to drawing the Bat. If DC ever put Norm back onto a Batman project then a lot of artists will be shaking in their shoes. I can't think of any artist from the '90s who did more than Norm to define the look and feel of Batman.

Pastor Secord. The main, mysterious character from the Of Bitter Souls series.

So what are the comics like? Superbly written by Chuck Satterlee and with stunning visuals from Norm, the book is head and shoulders above a good 95% of the mainstream books in the market today being offered by the major companies. Marvel, DC, Image, Wildstorm, Dark Horse - they all wish they had something as good as this on their books. You can read more about the series and it's future direction at the Markosia site.

So pop on over to Norm's store and order a book. Be like me and order two - stocks are limited and each sketch is different.


Jimmy T said…
I go a copy off of Norm and I could not put it down. A great book.

Anonymous said…
Jimmy, would you mnd posting your sketch too ? which character did you choose ?

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