Marvel UK: Spider-Man Part II

God, what a week. Fremantle finally won a final so that should make Dr Nick a happy man. It's only taken them eleven years, but this was only their third ever final. At least he'll be happier than he was last week, although you'd never have guessed as he was a delight at the wedding, despite me reminding him constantly that his side went down to mine on the same day.

Anyway, down to business.

David Johnson has emailed more of those great UK Marvel covers through for all to see. I know I keep promising to set up separate blogs for this stuff - and I will, just in good time. I'm about to throw in the day job and then things will start happening. In the meantime here's another batch of classic early '70s UK Marvels. See if we can play spot the artist.


Cover date: 30 June, 1973

I know it's not him, but the hands look very much like Jim Mooney.

#20 back cover art

Looks like either Ron Wilson or Jim Starlin. The Kirby like pose is classic Wilson, yet the actual line work looks like Starlin. Now someone will come along and say someone totally different.


Cover date: 14 June, 1973

This looks to be Ron Wilson to me, doing his best Ditko impression.

#22 back cover art

Mike Esposito?


Cover date: 25 August, 1973

A variation on the Steve Ditko Amazing Spider-Man #34 cover. If these few covers aren't Ditko then someone was doing a damned good impression of him. My best is that they're the Ditko originals just recoloured.


Cover date: 8 September, 1973

A variation on the Ditko Amazing Spider-Man #36 cover.


Cover date: 15 September, 1973

A variation on the Ditko Amazing Spider-Man #37 cover.


Cover date: 24 November, 1973

Again, the line work, to me, suggests Ron Wilson with John Romita.


Cover date: 15 December, 1973

Classic Romita pose - anyone remember Amazing Spider-Man #50?

Any ideas as to what artist drew what? Lemme know and I'll post the results.


Anonymous said…
I think the new covers are the work of Ron Wilson and Mike Esposito. I'd agree with you on Jameson pin-up by Esposito. As far as the Odin Pin-up, I suspect it was reprinted from a Thor story by John Buscema and Vince Colletta.

Nick Caputo
Anonymous said…
Yep, Thor 202 0r 203, I bet.

Anonymous said…
I would suggest the #22 cover art is by Rich Buckler

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