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Isn't it amazing when you sit there and realise that you're working on projects without knowing? Right now I've finished the Jim Mooney book. It's with sadness that I've finished because I really wanted it to go forever, it's been that much of a blast and so very different to my time spent working on the Andru & Esposito book, but it's done and I've just sent the text off and the images will now follow. And today I walk into work and have to ask for about a month or so off, sans pay, because I'm just too far behind in my work.

Here's what's on the table:

I'm working on three projects with artists now, all of them with major artists and all of them have the potential to be breakouts. I've never attempted three such major projects at once, but I'm up for it. Each one will be different, each one requires a lot of work and each one has tapes sitting here ready to transcribe. So far I have seventeen tapes in total for those three projects alone that I have to begin work on.

I've got interviews with Paul Neary, Larry Lieber, Mike Royer, Bob Almond, Danny Buliandi, Ron Wilson, Joe Jusko and a vintage Vinnie Colletta tape that I have to transcribe and get going. That's another nine tapes. I'll be doing at least another three interviews before the end of the fortnight.

Michael Eury has tapped me to work on three articles for him for future issues of Back Issue. I've promised Michael Ambrose that I'd eventually finish an article for the Charlton Spotlight, Roy Thomas has invited me to work something up for Alter Ego, there's an article for a proposed book on Jack Kirby to be started and I have my pet project, a look back at MacArthur at Terowie to get back to. More tapes, more work.

Plus there's this blog, contributions to other people's books and articles, my web-site and other side projects.

I now sleep about five to six hours a night and respond to around 50 emails per day, on average. As such I can't do a day job anymore. I need that time to work on this stuff. As it is it'll take me over a month just to get the tapes transcribed - but if anyone out there knows a good transcriber who works fairly cheaply then let me know.

So I'll be putting my day job on hold for two months or so after the end of the next week. Then, instead of taking a break, I'll be throwing myself into my work like never before. I'll be getting a diary for the first time and blocking out time to work (and downtime) and going from there. I'm not rich - over the past four years I've written two books, contributed to another four, written articles and contributed to countless magazines, run my site and thrown a few things up there for others. In that time I've made a total of USD$60 from my work in total. I've been given three books (two of which I'd already bought) and a handful of magazines as contributor copies, but that's it. And I've spent a bloody fortune, so to those who're out there thinking I'm sitting pretty think again - I actually do this for the sheer enjoyment factor, not for profit. Thankfully I work on very loose deadlines or I'd be having a heart attack. But then this is what I've always wanted to do. With each interview I get better. With each article my writing improves, with each book I grow stronger. I don't know how long this ride will last but I'm going to stick with it and hope it never ends. It's not often you can look at your life and say, "Jeez, this is exactly where I want to be and I'm having a BLAST!!!" That's right where I'm at today.

Ain't it cool?


Anonymous said…
You're livin' the dream, Danny. Well done, and congratulations. I'm sure the monetary aspect will come good in the fullness of time -- though you're probably never going to get rich writing about comics, mores the pity.

I'm looking forward to reading your stuff -- especially the Andru/Esposito book.

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