Joltin' Joe Sinnott

I don't get the chance to do as many interviews anymore as I once did. That's due to a number of factors, the day job takes up a lot of time and energy, the books I've been working on also take up time, this blog takes my focus away and, well it just adds up. Still I place the feelers out there and when an interview comes along I swoop on it and cross my fingers. Sometimes they don't go as planned, other times they have spectacular results. Joe Sinnott is in the latter category.

I made contact with Joe in order to see if an interview was possible and, if not, to see if I could get a soundbite/quote from Joe to use in the Jim Mooney book. I'd emailed Joe's son Mark and soon got a reply with a lovely paragraph about Jim and an invite to call Joe to have a chat. Needless to say I took the invite up. I've not regretted it.

Joe is a true gentleman. I've spoken to a lot of people doing this stuff, and indeed a lot before that, yet Joe is one of the best. He ranks up there with anyone I've had the pleasure of speaking to, he's funny, polite, open and honest. This is a man who's done more art than pretty much anyone you'd care to mention, yet he's still in there producing the Spider-Man Sunday strip and the odd job as it comes along. I came away from the conversation feeling uplifted and it's revitalised my desire to do this kind of thing - since then I've spoken to Mike Royer, Larry Lieber, Paul Neary, Danny Budilandi, Ron Wilson, Alan Wiess and a host of others. Now to find time to transcribe the tapes.

Plus we had an instant connection. Speaking with Joe we started talking about Bing Crosby. I like Der Bingle, always have, always will (couldn't give a fat rats about his personal side) and when Joe asked where in Australia I lived he suddenly came alive and told me that one of his best chums also lives here. About a week later I contacted Joe's chum and had a pleasant Sunday afternoon chat with him, about Joe, Der Bingle, golf and the world in general. It is indeed a small world when you discover that one of Joe Sinnott's best friends lives about twenty minutes away.

Still, have a read of the interview and see for yourself. Click this link and you'll soon find it. So far all the feedback that I've gotten has been good, not that I fish for feedback, but it's good to know that people have enjoyed the efforts.


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