Fantastic & Terrific Part III

I decided to give into the temptation and post some of the covers to the UK magazines I have lying around the place. The only problem is that the early material I have is not that good - the two covers you're about see are the best of the bunch and they're fairly crappy, condition wise, so you can imagine how bad the rest are. They're not worth scanning.

Luckily the two covers I have got that are scanable feature unique covers. I'm suspecting that these cover images were taken from splash pages, so if anyone wants to verify that then please do. Bear in mind that I won't be doing indexes for these - I've enough on my plate as it is.


Cover dated 23 September 1967. I should really scan the splash page to the Iron Man story contained within. Stan Lee wrote the title as a borderline soap opera at times, but the splash contained in this issue makes it look all the world like a romance story!


Cover dated September 30, 1967.

Now there's a cover you're not likely to have seen before. This one is also probably a splash or half a cover for an old Tales To Astonish - someone out there will know. It is a nifty cover image though.

Next up I'll start posting some of my Mighty World Of Marvel magazines. They are better quality (condition wise) so it should, hopefully, make for some interesting viewing.


Allan said…
Over at my blog, I've posted a few examples of interior tampering by publishers Fleetway when they reprinted Spider-man and the Silver Surfer in TV21 in the early 70s.
Anonymous said…

The Fantastic cover is taken from Tales of Suspense # 56, although it appears they used the original stat. The Unicorn's face is changed in the US cover and his costume is altered slightly. The changes may have been done by either Kirby or Ayers. You can view the TOS cover here:

The Terrific cover is an actual cover, taken from Tales to Astonish # 50.

I hope to see more!

Nick Caputo

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