Here's the first, exclusive peek, at the cover art for the Andru/Esposito book Partners For Life. It's very different to the mock-up cover that Michael Netzer prepared for me to help sell the book and while I like the final cover (it does grow on you) I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for Mike's version and I'd like to think that it'll still be used for promotional purposes.

The only problem with Mike's version was the Superman image. I've already stated what the issues were with that image (that it's an Andru/Giordano image, not A&E) but it still makes a good centerpiece for the cover itself. Personally my draft text version has the Netzer cover as it's cover. Still it's a good cover and I can't wait to hold it in my hands - I've yet to see the final version. That's one of the occupational hazards of working across the planet, you tend to be excluded from the final decision making process due to distance. To paraphrase G Blaney; the tyranny of distance makes this kind of thing very hard indeed. Still, it's partially my name on the cover and that's what counts.

It's still kind of hard to comprehend that I spent the better part of two years working on that book. It was a hellish two years in parts, with ups and downs, and the book stands a testament to that time. I finished writing it before I had a publisher. I did the same with the Jim Mooney book - that one was 80% finished before I shopped it around. I do prefer writing that way and to those who think I'm insane because I'm not getting paid for all that time, well the writing is the payment, because, as I've been told by many, these books make no money for the authors. Pure and simple.

Still, that's the cover to look out for - see it, hold it, embrace it and then buy it and read it. You'll enjoy it.


Chade said…
It's a nice cover. Not quite as dynamic as the one by Mike, but it's effective. I can't wait to get my copy.

How's it feel to be an actual published author?
Michael Netzer said…
Congratulations on moving ahead, Danny. The first cover served its purpose and that's enough. It's unfortunate that I couldn't change he Superman figure at the time as I'd lost the original PSD file which made it very difficult to change the layout and it came at a time when I was also losing access to a working environment within which to do it. So all in all, the cover appears to have wanted to be as it is now.

This new cover does the job very well and it'll be an an excellent representation for the book.
Anonymous said…
Chade: Feels great to know there's going to be a book out there with my name on it. It'll be the first such effort from me, after years of slogging about doing magazine work and a lot of uncredited work for books. There's a Kiss book out there that I wrote three chapters, along with a good third of a second, no cover credit, so this time, well the feeling is brilliant.

Time to finish the Mooney and work damn hard on the others.

Michael: I do like the first cover, as did a lot of other people who saw it, and still see it and enjoy it. it's a shame that we had to lose it, but I have my copy and, as I've said, I'll still be using it to promote the book.

Eventually I'll send a few of the printed out covers over and get you to sign them - it's an impressive work of art in it's own right and was very appreciated then and still is now.

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