Spooky: A Shameless Plug

Another one bites the dust. I've been reading Spooky: The Warren Fanzine since it was first published and I've always found it to be a damn good read. It was with a certain amount of dismay that I discovered that Diamond will no longer act as the distributor for the fanzine - I can only expect they've chosen this line of action because it doesn't turn a decent sized profit for them. With small press it isn't enough to make a profit for Diamond, it's more of a case that you have to make a bucket of money for them. Wrong, but that's life and when you own the monopoly and refuse to allow anyone to challenge that monopoly, well you generally do what you want and damn the torpedoes.

The good news is that, despite Diamond's best efforts, Spooky won't be going for good. Copies can still be ordered via the web-site and they're going to be offering up a subscription service, via the Soaring Penguin site and back issues are still available while issues are in stock. Scoot on over and register your expression of interest. As with any of the plugs I give here, I get nothing for it and it'll remain that way. I'm quite happy to keep shelling out good money for a decent product.

Over the years Spooky has done as much as anyone to keep the Warren name alive. They've interviewed Warren people such as Tom Sutton, Neal Adams, Bill Mohalley, Al Hewetson, T.Casey Brennan, Mike Royer, Don Glut, Nicola Cuti (who had his own end section in a few issues), Will Eisner, Jerry Granenetti, Gene Colan, Alex Nino, Romeo Tanghal, Alex Toth, Frank Bolle and Jack Butterworth. They've also covered a wide range of subjects, provided checklists and much, much more. Even if you have a passing interest in Warren magazines then you need this magazine.

Support it and let's keep it going.


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