Spicks And Specks

Well we've finally opened up our on-line store. It's only taken three years to do it, but at last technology has caught up with me and it's allowing me to have a store-front without the huge start-up costs involved. Hopefully it'll make a bit of cash, and pretty much all that I do make will be going towards getting us to America.

Just to clear up some confusion. I'm not giving up writing books. Far from it. I fully intend to write as many as I humanly can. I have one on the go right now - still waiting to see when it can be announced - and I have a couple of ideas on the boil, one which has come directly from a publisher and another that I'm throwing around amongst friends. Either way there's a lot of writing left in me and I'll be working both the day job and also on the extra projects as time allows. To facillitate that I've cut my day job down to four days a week, allowing me every Monday free to work solely on my writing. So far it's worked - last night I was on the phone to Gene Colan and later today will see me talking to Clifford Meth. The last few weeks have seen me speak to Joe Sinnott, Larry Lieber and Mike Royer, and I have a few other irons in the fire to come, one project might involve all three of those guys and several others as well - here's a hint, it'll have nothing to do with Marvel or Jack Kirby. Now to get the tapes all transcribed!

A lot of people also responded wanting to know the name of the comic book professional who tried it on me with the Ross Andru pages. I'm not going to air his name in public, but those who know the original art market should be able to work out who it was from the clues I left in that post. Some other great deals that I remembered included the guy who sold me a 1935 Jim Mooney painting on eBay for $100 and then refused to sell it to me by ignoring my requests for an invoice. He then re-listed the art for four times the amount and left me a negative feedback. That name I shared with some people and as such he'll never sell that particular piece of art. There was another guy, upon finding out that I needed to obtain a set of the long out of print Legion Indexes, offered them to me at $100 for the set. I didn't bother replying to that email, luckily I had someone contact me (name escapes me right now dammit!) who bought a set from eBay for $10 and sent them over - I paid an extra $10 on top of the price, plus the postage because I was a happy boy.

That's the kind of mess you deal with. It might slow me down at times, but it'll never stop me.

Anyway, now onto more positive things. Like the new on-line store! There's a pile of original art there already, some signed stuff, a pile of Phantoms and some odds and sods. Over the next few weeks it'll grow as I put more items up, so if you're bored then have a poke about and see if anything grabs your fancy. Then follow the prompts!

Back later.


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