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The oh so brilliant Paul Ryan has some new pages up for sale. At his site you'll find a just discovered cache of Superman pages, along with some other DC artwork and, as always, he has a great collection of Phantom newspaper strips up for grabs. Paul is one of the nicest guys there is in the comic book industry and I'd recommend him even if I didn't know him. He's always available for commissions and trust me, it's well worth the wait.

The first image you see on this blog is his latest Phantom cover art. I defy anyone to tell me that he's losing his touch. Paul is like a fine wine - he gets better with age, which means by the time he's 100 he'll be Monet. Did I mention he's a nice guy? You have to say that, after all he dragged himself out of his sick bed in order to fulfill a promise for an interview a while back and wouldn't allow me to reschedule. Even with a head cold and bed-ridden he gave me one of the best interviews I've done. Plus he did the killer commission, which is the second image on the blog today - the Phantom meets Superman.

My only instructions to Paul were, "Draw me the first meeting between The Phantom and Superman." I paid my money and sat back and waited. It took a while, but the end result is simply breath-taking. Even people who view such pieces as mere comic book art are taken aback by the sheer quality of the piece and it sits on my wall. I'll be keeping it, the line work in it is amazing and I doubt there'd be an inker around who could do the pencils justice. I keep getting asked if it's for sale, so right here, right now I'll say, it's for sale. Everything is for sale. First one with $50,000 can have it, because it's worth more than that to me. I'll even throw in postage.

Now for the next image.

I've always wanted one of those little coffins with the dirt from the castle of Vlad Tepes, aka Vlad The Impaler, aka Dracula. These ads used to run in various Warren magazines back in the early '80s. This as is from Famous Monsters, dated August 1980. I've always wanted that issue because it had a run down of the second Star Wars movie, The Empire Strikes Back, which had some plot ideas that were infinitely more interesting than what ended up appearing in the final movie. The ending in the original plot was weak as water though, but I've always felt that you could combine the ideas and had a killer film indeed. Mind you I'm still looking for a magazine that I read back in 1978 that had a story linking the first and second movies together. It wasn't Splinter Of The Mind's Eye, this story started with Vader's Tie-Fighter spinning and revolved around Han Solo considering joining the Dark Side. Great stuff.

Anyway, that ad!!! The dirt was probably from Jim Warren's back yard, the coffin was more likely plastic and it might have well come on a dodgy cheap chain, but damn it looked cool to a 13 year old who'd spent a lot of the '70s watching old Universal and Hammer horror films. At a cost of $17.95 plus $2.00 in postage these suckers were a bargain. According to the ad they were limited to 5,000, but I'm expecting that might have had another zero on it if there was a demand for them. I'll say right now that if anyone has one of these then I'd love to buy it and trust me, I'd wear it. Get in touch already, or I'll start looking for one on eBay.

I love that tacky stuff, and if you doubt me then who else do you know who has one of these - sealed to boot! One man's trash is another's pop culture.


Tim said…
Valerie Perrine was very hot back then!
Hey DB, try leaving a comment @ by blog now, I think I may have found the problem.

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