Speaking Of Good Evil Clown Artists

Now there's a phrase you don't hear anymore. You always hear about an artist being a good 'superhero' artist (like Jim Lee for example), or a good, 'bad girl' artist (like Jim Balent for example), or a good 'weird' artist (like Jim Steranko for example) and even a good 'cosmic' artist (like Jim Starlin for example - come to think of it a lot of Jims are good artists). But never do you hear of anyone being a good 'nasty clown' artist. And that's probably because there's only one person alive who can wear that crown, one man who bears the Mantle Of The Good Evil Clown Artist - Alan Kupperberg.

Alan is a grossly under-rated artist and writer. He reminds me very much of another Jim - Jim Mooney - in that Alan is the complete package. He writes, pencils, inks, letters and colors. In his time he's done work at both Marvel and DC, he's worked on the Justice League, Spider-Man, Captain America, the Hulk - you name it, his pencil has probably touched it. But something that he's fondly remembered for by a lot of people are two clowns: Obnoxio The Clown and Frenchy The Clown.

Obnoxio was a Marvel clown who took on the X-Men amongst others, Frenchy belonged to National Lampoon and basically took no shit. Even back in the day I knew that the same guy who drew the subversive clown at Marvel also drew the foul mouthed, drug addicted, womanising ultra violent clown for the Lampoon. After all it takes a certain talent and skill to draw a decent Evil Clown. Many have tired, many have failed. Alan rules supreme over the world of Evil Clowns. I'm even sure that somewhere I've seen an image of both Frenchy and Obnoxio going at each other, but I can't vouch for that with certainty. Hey, if I'm wrong then there's still time to make it right.

So what's the point? Well The Good Evil Clown Artist, Alan Kupperberg, has joined the ACAB home of people and now has a web-site to call his own. With forums, loads of images, about the only interview that Alan has done that's seen print and much more. Alan is a great guy and there's going to be some big news surrounding him, which, hopefully, can be announced in the next few days. There's an interview in the works (and then some) and, best of all, Alan is available to take on your commissions. Go and visit his site, interact with the man, tell him you liked his work and have him re-create one of his famous clowns.

You'd not regret it, but you may just regret not doing it.


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