More Than Worth A Look

It amazes me that some incredibly talented artists and writers just can't seem to find steady work in the comic book industry. I'm not talking about some guy who can draw well, I'm talking about the likes of Joe Rubinstein here. Joe has been around longer than most and is still at the top of his game. One look at his most recent work will show that.

Mind you I wasn't aware that Joe had a new book coming out with his work on it - because no-one has bloody well publicized it! Still we can get word out now, and this is one book that I'd recommend sight unseen. Why? Because anyone who knows comic book art will tell you - Joe is a cut above the rest and anything that bears his touch is pure Gold. Just check out my interview with Joe - after one post on the Inkwell mailing list I had the likes of Tim Townsend, John Dell, Mark McKenna and other exceedingly talented people donating their time and quotes to make the interview one of the best I've done. The ultimate accolade, for me anyway, was my friend Norm Breyfogle, a man who needs no inkers, telling me that Joe is always his first choice when an editor asks him for an inker. That's high praise indeed. I like to think that Joe was a just a little choked up when he read the love that's out there for him. He's influenced a lot of people on his travels and helped even more. Plus he made John Byrne look nothing short of incredible and would be my first choice Byrne inker along with Terry Austin.

My pal Michael Netzer has returned with a vengeance. Excellent! Mike's always an interesting read as he doesn't hold back with his thoughts and comments. Another incredibly talented artist (and writer to boot, not to mention graphic designer) who doesn't work anywhere near enough for my liking, Netzer is fearless. If he likes you, and he invariably does, then he'll part the Red Sea for you. But if you wrong him, or attack his pals, then you'll soon know about it.

Michael - it's great to see you back!


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