I'm Now Officially An Author

Well I guess this certainly seals it - just in case anyone had any doubts. Still it's a rush to have my first book as a featured book in Previews, and now it's plastered all over Amazon - I mean, what happens if Oprah picks it up as part of her book club? I'll not leap on the chairs, but I might do the Paul Hogan and check under the back of the cushins for change. I guess with this under the belt and two more books on the way I can finally join the South Australian Writers Centre. Whoops, hang about - I've done my writing without a Uni degree.

Damn. Oh well, one day soon.

Is there anyone out there who can design a decent web-site for next to nothing? Want some practice? Get in touch.


Geoff said…
Congratulations, and done with no Uni degree. Just goes to show some people can reach and learn themselves. Hell I have acted in movies, tv commercials, written and performed stage shows and never studied how to do any of it.
I'm just as sure that the first settlers dug wells to get water without engineering degrees as well.
Danny said…
To me all a Uni degree represents is a piece of paper. Nothing more, nothing less. I didn't study at Uni because my family couldn't afford it, and also because I lost interest in being told what I was to know. Reading courses are good, but you have to go outside of the teachings and learn for yourself - something that a lot of people I know who went to Uni are incapable of doing. However there is a form of snobbery and elitism that occurs when you don't go to Uni from those who have - but then I don't need the paper to tell me what I know or what I can do.

But then some of the most intelligent people I know never went to Uni.
Foilwoman said…
Danny: I couldn't design a website to save my soul (note the standard blogger template on my blog), but I wish I could for you. Congratulations on your official entry into the literary world. It looks like and interesting read. Go you.

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