Go Out With A Blast

Like everyone else I got emailed a pile of photos regarding the blast today at Pirie Street. Bloody inconsiderate bastard who did it - made my life a bit hellish, but then, funnily enough, the cops on site actually questioned and took away some of our clients - hence a bit of a lower workload.


Anyways, here's the best of the photos that I got.

Rear view - awesome isn't it? Certainly it did the job.

Notice that everything is all blown to shit, but the Adelaide City Council's parking meter is bolt upright and probably still working. I'm surprised that there's not a parkie sitting there waiting to fine the fire engines.
You expect to see this kind of thing in Beruit or downtown LA, not Adelaide. Still other than the odd person rumbling about having to walk around the block to get to the pie shop, everyone was fairly casual about it. Just the usual Adelaide gossip machine in full motion. Lots of butt was skuttled.
Roof shot - the whole building will be knocked down later tonight.

Now the theory is that it might have been a gas leak that caught light. However I think you'll not be surprised to learn that it's one of the following: a suicide attempt that went impressively right, or that the premises were about to be torched for a simple insurance job and it went impressively wrong. Take your pick...but the fact that the guys body was found behind the shop, his car was also parked behind the shop with the engine supposedly running, that he was behind in his rent, was having some other financial woes, that petrol and jerry cans have been found all over the place and it all went up at 3am makes me lean more towards the latter. Mind you the insurance payout will be huge, just that the poor bastard won't profit from it now that he's dead.


pookie31 said…
Lots of theories going around today. Gas leek that Origin Energy said was not there, Marfia thing (guy did something to piss off a gang) all sorts of stuff like that. What was the owner doing there at 3am when they don't open till 7am.

Some how through all that mess the guy's mobile phone was still working.

One question that does puzzle me. What were you doing at work with a camera :)
Danny said…
Nah, I left my camera at home - I'll take it tomorrow and get some happy snaps of what's left after the demolition team has moved in.

Interesting how more facts are starting to emerge - that the guy was months behind in the rent, owed a fair bit of cashish - seems that it might well be an insurance scam gone wrong. Poor guy.
pookie31 said…
As bad as it sounds, good thing he did it at 3am and not during peak time where more innocent lives could have gone.
Geoff said…
An spectacular event that went wrong for the guy is my guess.
Foilwoman said…
Wow. Scary. Glad you weren't there then.
audrey said…
Yeah, it's definitely an insurance scam. But it's fucked, because he's gone and killed himself and quite clearly the insurance companies are going to say a big fat No Way Panty Hosay to this one because it was so obviously set up. Poor guy's family I say, and also poor two other businesses he fucked up blasting his way through the mortal coil.
Danny said…
I did have a chuckle about the cigarette lighter still being in his hand when they found him.

Definately a botched insurance job - you don't let the petrol sit too long before you torch it - the fumes build up, and as we all know, it's not the liquid that ignites and burns, it's the fumes.

The silly bastard. I feel sorry for his family though - they'll get nothing from this but misery and pain.

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