The Fog Lifts

I tell you I don't want that back again. Talk about hellish!!! Still the drugs are working and for once I'm doing what everyone is telling me to do - staying put, sitting on my rapidly disappearing buttocks and just resting up. I've lost a bit of weight so I'm not as porky as I was a while back, which gives me an idea - I'll keep sloughing it off and just present myself in public in a couple of weeks time a skinnier person. Or I'll just pig out on salt and vinegar chips and pork up again. Either way...still I'm happy - I managed to eat some solid foods last night - a nice slice of meatloaf - and it's remained where it should be.

No drinkie night for me tonight. In hindsight I should have stayed home last week but being the idiot I am I just had to go out and get some suds in and become sicker. Talk about a maroon. As an aside - Doc, if you want to drop Firefly off I won't say nope, but for now you'll have to actually visit the inside of the mansion, send a quick SMS before hand to make sure someone is home and alive - in fact if anyone wants to pop by tonight and bring a tasty cool bottle of suds I'll be happy for it.

I'm almost ready to begin working again. This is still slowing me down and I'm still sweating like a big pink porker and yes, before some twat raises their smarmy heads and tells me that pigs don't sweat as they don't have the correct glands for it, rest assured that they do sweat like devils in the right circumstances. Still I've fired off a few emails today and I'm slowly getting my typing speed back up to where it should be (I'm the fastest two fingered typist you're ever gonna see baby). It'll be fun returning to work next week and sweating everywhere - I'm convinced that they believe I've just taken a week off for shits and giggles, and nothing is going to change their minds on that. But I'm looking forward to returning to the daily grind and my desk which I'm sure will be piled with work that, naturally, just can't be done without me being there. I'm more keen to start writing again, but I'm still going to hang off doing anything like that until after the weekend - might as well use the opportunity to rest the mind as well as the body. Mind you I can't concentrate anyway with the heavy duty construction work going on at the end of the driveway - some idiot there is having a new carport installed. I've been tempted to kick out the supporting beams as I walk past...there's still time.

Ahhhhh it's good to be back on the mend. And thanks to everyone who has passed on the get well wishes and a few, "I hope you die you bastard" wishes too. I love you all.


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