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I like Toth. He's an odd fellow at the best of times, but you have to admire a guy who replies to a letter and admonishes you for your only mistake - forgetting to date the damn thing. Toth is a visionary in every sense of the word. There's some like Steve Rude - a giant - who's based a good portion of his career on what Toth did back in the day.

I've never met Toth and I don't expect I ever will. However I did have the chance to correspond with him about Ross Andru & Mike Esposito for my book, Partners For Life. Toth sent back a prompt reply detailing how he admired both men for what they did professionally and how he was very taken by Andru as a fellow artist - high praise indeed. I thanked Toth, sent back a detailed reply and a book and got another letter explaining how wrong I was with my questioning. That was cleared up and the last series of letters I got explained how Toth had lived in Australia (Sydney) in the early 1970s - something that I had wondered about because his grasp on Australian slang was just a little too perfect. Since then I've heard a few stories, but to me he's been a cool guy and that's what I go on. Plus each letter was decorated with his self-portrait signature and a pile of what appeared to be dead penguins.

So it made me sad to learn that just after the beginning of the year Toth was admitted to hospital in a fairly bad shape. He's remained there ever since, and we can only hope that he gets better rapidly. For those who remember Toth - and you should if you read comic books or have any appreciation for animation - then drop the guy a line and just tell him how good he was and still is. Don't expect a reply, but the thought will be there. Too often people we admire pass from this world without giving us a chance to show our appreciation and love. I'm not saying anything about Toth's condition because quite frankly I'm not privvy to it. However here's your chance to show Toth what he means, so get to it. Without Toth there'd be a huge void that no artist on the planet could fill.

This is news from Dave who runs

There are times in life when you wish you could say more but something prevents you, like an agreement you made or a promise to keep or something like that.

I think it would be a good time to send some cards and letters to Alex and let him know -- yet again -- how much he's loved and admired and respected.

His address (which he gave me express permission to make known here):

Alex TOTH, room 407
c/o Belmont Village of Burbank
455 E. Angeleno Ave.
Burbank, CA

He could use some cheerful, humorous correspondence, I think, and a bit of appreciation, and what group would be better for that?

One request I would make out of respect for Toth, do not request drawings, articles or even expect a reply. This is an opportunity to let him know that he is valued and to cheer him up and send greetings.

God bless,


Tim said…
Excellent artist.Love his work. Also reminds me a little of Walt Simomson.

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