That's Far Better

And so it was and still is. I woke up this morning still a bit stiff and sore, but another day of lying flat on my back playing Gameboy, watching DVDs and listening to my vast amounts of music has done the trick. The knot in my back has reduced itself to the size of a marble, the neck is sore but now it's mobile and I do feel both great and yet bored. I actually want to go back to work, be it with the Government or back to writing. I'm tempted to start writing again tonight but I'm going to hold off for the time being - perhaps tomorrow. I'll be going back to work but as my doctor insisted on giving me a week off I expect that I'll be sent home to stew. If so then I'll be editing, polishing and working like a demon on the Mooney book.

In the meantime I've found some gems. Here's one for Chade who seems to enjoy songs about divorce and seperation - you won't find one much better than this effort from Jarvis Cocker and Lush:
I've been so happy since I walked away
I never thought that I could
Feel as great as I do today
Cos you were nothing but a big mistake
And life is wonderful, now that I'm rid of you
Oh I must've been crazy to have stayed with you
I can't believe I thought I was in love with you
But now the scales have fallen I can really see
And I say go to hell, cos that's where you took me
Well, I've felt better since I slammed that door
You always cramped my style, I never noticed before
It's been a non-stop party since I flew the coop
I can't believe I fell for such a loser like you
And is it any wonder that I felt so blue
When I was always having to put up with you
Oh, here we go again, just lay the blame on me
Don't say another word, cos sweetheart, you're history
I bet you're alone every minute
And you're sitting in the kitchen
Eating meager meals with the curtains closed
I don't give a damn, anyway.
I know that you miss me really,
bet you wish that you still had me
You'll never find someone like me
but I've got no regrets at all
Cos I've met this girl and she's so good to me
She's really beautiful, fantastic company
Oh, when I'm with her
I realise what love can be
Cos she's fifty times the person you will ever be
Good luck, mister, do you think I care?
Since you've been gone the offers have been everywhere
I've got a million guys just lining up for me
I've turned a corner, boy, my life is ecstasy
Well, I've been in heaven since I walked away
I never thought that I could feel as great as I do today
Cos you were nothing but a waste of space
And life is wonderful, now that I'm over you

There ya go Chade. Get into that one.

Mind you it hasn't been all sitting down and doing nothing. I've caught up on my reading, so that's a joy. Next time I post I might just share what exactly is on the reading list...


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