The Search For The Holiest Of Grails

Was undertaken today. Try searching Adelaide for a scanner priced under $100. It's impossible. I left the house at 11:00am with one goal - buy a new scanner as the old faithful had finally died under the strain of scan after scan. That was all - a simple scanner.

The following stores in the Adelaide CBD, Norwood, Magill or TTP no longer stock scanners, so you can cross them all off your list:
Dick Smith Electronics
David Jones
Radio Rentals

Both the IT Warehouse and Harvey Norman had scanners, but only top of the range, A4 scanners, cheapest being around the $280 mark. For that price I'd much rather an A3 scanner. I wanted a simple Canon scanner for around the $100 mark, or under. My previous scanner cost me $70 brand new, so I wasn't about to pay $250 for one now.

What people do have are multi-functions. Those are the lovely little packages you see that have a scanner, printer, photocopier, fax and whistle all built in. I didn't want one of those as I already have an expensive laser printer, so why buy another? Both the IT Warehouse and Dick Smiths told me that no-one buys stand alone scanners anymore, they all go for the multi-function deals. My answer to that was:
"Well if you don't offer them, if you don't stock them, then of course no-one will buy them." Chicken and egg really and my comments fell on deaf ears.

I finally did find one at Dick Smiths at Norwood - ironically just around the corner for me. Don't bother going there, I believe I bought their last one ever. A decent Canon LIDE25 - small, compact and it'll do the job.

So my question is: has the scanner gone the way of vinyl records and Beta VCRs?
On another note...

I bought this in a lot of junk ages ago. It's a ripper to read - lots of comments from people about Don Lindner (not sure if he was the father of Bruce Lindner, but I believe he was - correct me if I'm wrong there). By all accounts it'd have been a cracking game, especially when you look at some of the talent involved. This was a game that had the likes of Neil 'Knuckles' Kerley, Geoff Motley, Peter Obst, Fos Williams, Bob Hank, Lindsay Head, Jim Deane, Murray Weideman (father of Wayne 'The Weed' Weideman), John Halbert heading up the All-Stars and a host of past North Adelaide players under the direction of Lindner himself. So good was the game that Barrie Robran was relegated to boundary umpire and Ken 'K.G.' Cunningham himself was the central umpire. As a souvenir of the past it's great to have, but what cracked me up the most was to read the following:
"A Long Kicking Contest will be conducted by Mr. Fred Ashman at the half-time interval.

"All League Clubs will be represented by leading players. The winner to receive a pair of Robert Bruce slacks valued at $16.00."

I'd like to know who won the strides. $16.00? Today's players won't even pass wind for that amount. Priceless!


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