I was fine when I woke up. I trotted off to a job interview and thought, "I'll go back to work early" and so I did. Then I got the dreaded email - I'm off to yet another region for another five weeks. My problem with this is that I know that there's a few long term positions coming up in a region that I'm familiar with and they're familiar with me. However when I requested to go to there I was shot down. I have to go to a region where I don't know anyone, I don't want to be there and from what I've been told is full of dickheads and idiots. Oh joy.

The back started to spasm at that news. I got home feeling worse than I did when I left, so I'm taking the rest of the certificate's advice and staying home today and tomorrow. Then we're off to Melbourne, hopefully to relax a bit, then Tuesday the new region. I feel I'm being hamstrung here, but I have promised myself that if anyone gets into my preferred region and lands a long-term contract then I'm going to file a grievance dispute and claim that HR are deliberately holding me away from anything long-term. I'm so sick of all of this bullshit and power games that they play. I'm very tempted to just not turn up come Tuesday and just not answer the phone, but I fear that's exactly what they want...


Chade said…
How'd the interview go? Here's hoping you get it.
It's a crap deal they got you on but it looks like you're on the right track if they screw you over for the permanent position.
Foilwoman said…
I really don't understand human resources and corporate planning. I hope everything works out to your satisfaction. Enjoy Melbourne.*

*Not that I know a thing about Melbourne, I don't.

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