Nature Boy

I needed that. Seriously, I did. I left work Friday night in a bastard of a mood. The entire week had been one screw-up after another from Sunday night onwards when our plans went to shit. I've been sent to another office for another two weeks, this time in Elizabeth and, to be honest, it sucks. I hate my job, I hate where I am and I abhor the idiots who phone up who can't even spell their own names or remember when they were born. Oh sheer bloody joy. I negotiated my new leaving time of 4pm, as opposed to 5pm, and trust me, once that clock runs round to 4:15 I am outta there and sitting on the train totally switched off ten minutes later. Nothing against my co-workers, most of whom I admire and who's company I enjoy, but I just can't stand working in a place where some hatchet faced old bag watches over everything I do finding faults that aren't there. Add to that a psychopathic ex who thinks it's fine to keep me in the dark and just throw shit at me when she feels like it and you get the drift.

So Friday I rocked into the city, caught up with the other half and ran into Chadwick. There'd been no plans for ale as Chadwick had to go to some dull bloody party - I'm now convinced that's all he does. Goes to parties and whinges about them. Still with a promise of, "We'll give you a lift home" he suggested the usual haunt. Off we went. Once at the pub I sat down and sank my usual very rapidly. Imagine my surprise when Stevie walked out, looking for us he'd taken a punt. Yay went the cheer and soon more ale flowed. Then Tobias rocked up looking for company and ale. Then yet more people, some of whom I vaguely met previously - This Being Milton being the only one - and a pile who's names I couldn't recall if you held a gun to my head, other than perhaps someone named Mel-Mel? Beats me - hey, you're all wonderful people and I adore the lot of ya. Let's do it again in two weeks time. Anyway, we sat there, I got drunk and insulted everyone and then off we went. The night was good.

However the stresses of the last week has left a knot in my right shoulder the size of a tennis ball. I can't turn my head to my right side without experiencing excruiating pain, I can't lift my arm above my head and it's making it damn hard to function or merely walk. I had a treatment of rubs, massage, hot wheat bag and hot soaks, along with the standard cold treatment, but nothing is really working. I have a dull thud that's existing in the back of my head that al the Nuerofen in the world can't fix. I've got constant pins and needles in my extremities. My right knee is swollen and is in constant pain, making it very hard to sit, stand or even move with ease. I have to decide: do I go back to work tomorrow or just give it up as a bad joke? If things keep going the way they're going I fear I'll be having a heart attack in rapid time. It might be time to take a month off and chalk it up to stress leave - something I hate to think about, let alone do, but...we are off to Melbourne next Friday until Monday, so perhaps that might be the tonic I require.


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