Awareness Can Be Dangerous

Recently I had a case of awareness. Not the worst thing in the world to do and this was a damn good case. I'd sat down, fired up the dependable lap-top and started to work on the Jim Mooney book (a book with still without a proper title). I'd just finished inserting an introduction from Stan Lee into the book, had reformatted, reviewed comments from the likes of Steve Gerber and Richard Howell and then began writing what I've learnt about Jims last days at Marvel Comics. Then it hit me. I stopped writing and looked up, my other half looked over and asked if everything was alright. But I was in a state of almost shock.

"I'm writing a book." I said.
"Yes, yes you are."
"This is my second book, the first is coming out in a few months and I have another to write after this."
"Yes, yes you do."

My life is almost complete really. My goals as a child was to see a book that had my name attached to it as the author. Now that goal is about to be reached. I've been published in magazines, been on radio and TV, have done work for and been mentioned in numerous other publications, periodicals and books, but outside of seeing my name on the front of a few magazines (usually 'Inside: _____ by Danny Best') but this will be the first time my name will be attached to a book that I wrote and compiled.

That just spins me out.

I don't think I'm breathing the rare air here, and I'm not saying that I'm writing the great novel, a book that will change life and society as we know it. However with this book I set some goals and I'm hitting them all, with consummate ease. I'm blessed because I get to speak to people who's work I've admired since I can remember reading. I'm blessed because I have great people around me who are just as passionate about what I'm doing and who give me the latitude to work like I do. They understand that, at times, I'll go quiet or vanish for a few hours while I search for that elusive thought, and in that understanding they'll just leave me to it.

I've said it before, I'll say it again. Life is damn good right now. And it's only going to get better.

Interestingly enough my pal Chade, who I get to edit the bulk of my professional work, had a similar, albeit different, case of awareness on the same topic.


Tim said…
Yes, young Jedi... I too have walked this path. Our stars have passed their zenith... Get over it, get drunk, get laid, it's all downhill form here! (I just HATE to tell people the truth!)

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