Friday Night Booze Club

Friday evening saw the standard get together for a few suds at the Griffins Head. In attendance were Stevie, Tobias, Chadwick, Dr Nick, the other half and myself. A few ales were drank, music was played and a vigorous discourse was had between the good Doctor and myself as to the virtues of disco music. Bottles and glasses were not thrown, I didn't come home covered in alcohol, unlike the last time, and it appears that this Friday Night Drinking Session (as I shall now officially call it) might become a semi-regular occurrence. Other topics discussed included '80s music (a direct result of my programming the juke-box), the mental state of porn stars (agreance: they are almost certainly emotionally crippled and mentally disturbed), the lack of quality in American beers and the positives of swearing.

I like the Griff. It's quiet, a little bit seedy and on the right side of being a dive bar. It generally gets the office crowd (even more so now that The Planet is long gone) and that can be damn funny. You get to see the desperate single girls over the age of 40 trying to hit onto anything with an apendage, like the overweight thing that was stalking the outside, dressed in a white shirt five sizes too small, displaying her round, smoth stomach to the world, wearing a black dress that stopped just before he knees complete with ankle boots and fish-net stockings that stopped just below her knees. Those stockings were straining to contain her drumsticks, but seriously, I've seen better heads on a flat can of Coke and better legs holding up pianos. Give her points thought, she was right in there on the pull. Good luck to her. The guys aren't much better - the crowd of hipsters and wanna-be's who think they're Gods gift to the world. They'll be going home with the turkey above or just heading home for a quick hand shuffle and then off to bed. Yep, the Griff is great for people watching on a Friday night.

My life isn't too bad right now. I can't recall another time when I've been this happy and content. I'm working a half-way decent job, making decent cash, swinging decent deals, writing my second book (with another to follow) and living in a damn good place in a damn good area. I've always loved Norwood, no matter how much the council attempt to alter it. I think everyone should be this content and happy, however I do feel guilty when I see some of my close pals in pain due to their own personal lives being in turmoil. But into everyone's lives a little rain must fall, and it's only after the sky has stopped crying that we see the good shining in the sunlight.

Will there be suds drank next weekend? Highly possibly yes... wanna join in? Probably not, still if you can find us then say hello.


Chade said…
You never know. I could become a habit. How'd you go over the weekend, finish up Mooney?
Danny said…
Too damn lazy to. I'll eventually get to it.
Tim said…
I'll catch a plane for the next one. How many frequent flier points do you need for a weekend Down-Under?

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