Et Tu, U2?

I'm laughing my nuts off!!! Seriously! U2 announced late last year that they'd be playing concerts in Australia. I, for one, didn't think it was going to happen, but there you go. I've been wrong before, I'm sure I'll be wrong again. Due to a colossal fuck-up most of the tickets were sold to scalpers via U2's own site before they went on sale (seemingly standard procedure for the band these days if reports about the poor allocation for European/USA tickets are anything to go by) and tickets have been fetching a premium ever since. I've bid on a few on eBay and I made a run at two general admission tickets early last week.

Then, this Friday, a bomb dropped. Bass announced that they were selling general admission tickets for $99 a pop. Suddenly there were a run of ads in the Advertiser and the usual wankers on eBay from people trying desperately to off-load their surplus tickets for up to $250 a shot. $250 for a ticket I can wander down to the local Bass outlet and buy for $99? I think not. And they're all general admission which means first through the door gets a good spot, so it's not like the scalpers have anything extra to offer. Don't believe me? Shame - have a look here and enter the phrase 'U2' and see what comes up. Same tickets as the $99 ones on sale now, only they cost up to $100+ extra.

Oh dear... Seems like a lot of people are totally screwed. Serves them right, the greedy bastards. By the way, the concert ISN'T sold out yet, despite some on-line sources claiming it to be. So if you want a ticket, go down to Bass and buy one on the cheap. Either that or just rock up to the venue on the night - I'm sure there's gonna be some tickets there for less than face value...

And yep, sorry scalpers, you almost got my business, but I got my tickets, at face value, at 10:30am Friday morning.


Anonymous said…
Yeah but i fucking bought one from EBAY for $200!!!

and I am fucked off!!
Danny said…
Sadly you're not alone. Heaps of people are still paying over twice the face value for tickets that you can STILL readily buy. I'm not surprised - grab a few hundred bucks, go and buy a handfull of tickets and scalp them on eBay and make your money back.

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