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2005 Award For Customer Service

And the Annual Award for Aggro Taxi Drivers and Bad Customer Service goes to...
ADELAIDE IMPRESSIONS CHAUFFEURED SERVICES Established 1993 (Don't call 'em taxi drivers - it really, really annoys them and they will hang the phone up)

Gotta love this lot. Driving to work Friday and all of a sudden a Tarago bearing the AI name and colours cuts across the Parade at 8am this morning, doesn't indicate, nearly runs me off the road and then abuses the living suitcase out of me on Portrush Road because I beeped the horn.

So I get into work and decide to call the company and lay a formal complaint. Bad move. First off the general manager then proceeds to call me a liar, disputes my version of events, complained that she's sick of dealing with 'people like me' (whatever that means - the public perhaps who've been verbally assaulted by their drivers?) and hangs up. Classic lines included: "What do you expect me to do? I'll speak to the guy, get his story and…

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